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1312 Stars
Skip the HTML, Bypass takes markdown and renders it directly on Android and iOS.
Jul 5, 2014, Uncodin
945 Stars
Android Markdown editor.
Jul 8, 2016, qinci
907 Stars
MarkdownView is an Android webview with the capability of loading Markdown text or file and display it as HTML, it uses MarkdownJ and extends Android webview.
Mar 15, 2015, falnatsheh
809 Stars
Android library to display markdown text.
Mar 2, 2017, tiagohm
560 Stars
RxMarkdown is an Android library that helps to display simple markdown text in android.widget.EditText or android.widget.TextView.
Jul 25, 2016, yydcdut
420 Stars
Markwon is a library for Android that renders markdown as system-native Spannables. It gives ability to display markdown in all TextView widgets (TextView, Button, Switch, CheckBox, etc), Notifications, Toasts, etc. No WebView is required. Library provides reasonable defaults for display style of markdown but also gives all the means to tweak the appearance if desired. All markdown features are supported (including limited support for inlined HTML code, markdown tables and images).
Aug 28, 2017, noties
311 Stars
MarkdownView is a simple library that helps you display Markdown text or files on Android as a html page just like Github.
Jul 27, 2016, mukeshsolanki
311 Stars
The MarkedView is the markdown text viewer.
Jun 28, 2016, mittsuu
224 Stars
CWAC AndDown provides support for Markdown syntax in Android, such as a JNI wrapper around the sundown Markdown to HTML converter.
Jul 5, 2014, commonsguy
39 Stars
MarkdownView is an Android webview with the capablity of loading Markdown text or file and display it as HTML, it uses MarkdownJ and extends Android webview.
Jul 5, 2014, Gunio
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