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Library to easily log out Android lifecycle methods for Activities and Fragments.

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Gradle - add the following line to your build.gradle

implementation 'com.chesire:lifecyklelog:{version}'

Usage example

Initialize in your application class.

class ApplicationOverride : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {

Add the @LogLifecykle annotation to the Activity or Fragment that the lifecycle methods should be logged for.

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() { ...

class MainFragment : Fragment() { ...

Then lifecycle events will be logged out in logcat.

D/Lifecykle: MainActivity ⇀ onStart
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onAttach
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onCreate
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onCreateView
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onActivityCreated
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onStart
D/Lifecykle: MainActivity ⇀ onResume
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onResume
D/Lifecykle: MainActivity ⇀ onPause
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onPause
D/Lifecykle: MainActivity ⇀ onStop
D/Lifecykle: MainFragment ⇀ onStop


Logging mechanism

By default LogLifecykle will output to Log.d with a tag of Lifecykle, to override this behaviour pass an implementation into the LifecykleLog.logHandler.

LifecykleLog.logHandler = LogHandler { clazz, lifecycleEvent ->
    Log.e(clazz, lifecycleEvent) 

This can allow you to use other logging frameworks such as Timber.

LifecykleLog.logHandler = LogHandler { clazz, lifecycleEvent ->
    Timber.i("$clazz -> $lifecycleEvent")

Lifecycle methods

To customise which lifecycle methods are logged out, an array of the LifecycleEvent enum can be passed into LifecykleLog.logEvents, this can also be done with the @LogLifecykle annotation.

LifecykleLog.logEvents = arrayOf(

@LogLifecykle(overrideLogEvents = [LifecycleEvent.ON_START])
class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

@LogLifecykle(overrideLogEvents = [LifecycleEvent.ON_ACTIVITY_CREATED, LifecycleEvent.ON_ATTACH])
class MainFragment : Fragment() {

If logEvents is provided to the LifecykleLog then it will override the defaults.
If overrideLogEvents is provided on the annotation, only the methods that are provided in this will be logged out.

Class name

To customise the class name that is logged out, a new name can be provided to the annotation.

@LogLifecykle(className = "MainActivity")
class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

@LogLifecykle(className = "MaybeMainFragment")
class MainFragment : Fragment() {

This can be useful if ProGuard strips out the class names and you really need to see them in the logs. By default the name will be pulled from the objects

For more examples and usage, please refer to the sample.

Release History

  • 2.0.0
    • Refactor to be easier to configure, stripping the initialize method down to just taking the Application object.
  • 1.0.0
    • Initial version


Please read for details on how to contribute.


MIT - See LICENSE for more information.

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