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11407 Stars
Simple, pretty and powerful logger for Android.
Mar 22, 2015, orhanobut
7150 Stars
A logger with a small, extensible API which provides utility on top of Android's normal Log class.
Jul 5, 2014, JakeWharton
6874 Stars
Annotation-triggered method call logging for your debug builds.
Jul 5, 2014, JakeWharton
1842 Stars
Simple and pretty, powerful and flexible logger for android and java, can concurrently print the log to multiple target like Logcat, System.out and File, or even Server (or anywhere) if you like.
Nov 13, 2016, elvishew
1712 Stars
This is a useful log tool for Android.
Nov 14, 2015, ZhaoKaiQiang
1480 Stars
Frodo is an android library inspired by Hugo, mainly used for logging RxJava Observables and Subscribers outputs on the logcat. It generates and weaves code based on annotations only on debug versions of the application where the plugin is applied, for instance, it is safe to persist any Frodo annotation in the codebase.
Nov 5, 2015, android10
927 Stars
More convenient and easy to use android Log manager.
Jul 26, 2015, pengwei1024
787 Stars
logback-android brings the power of logback to Android. This library provides a highly configurable logging framework for Android apps, supporting multiple log destinations simultaneously.
Jul 5, 2014, tony19
557 Stars
This is a simple library that will allow Android apps or library to store log into database so that developer can pull the logs from the database into File or push the logs to your remote server for debugging purpose. Want to know more on this and wondering why you should prefer using this library over doing it yourself.
Dec 20, 2017, hypertrack
477 Stars
jlog is an useful log tool for android developers.
Feb 19, 2016, JiongBull
440 Stars
Response logging interceptor for OkHttp. Logs a url link with url-encoded response for every OkHttp call.
Apr 30, 2016, simonpercic
437 Stars
puree-android is a log collector which provides some features like below:
Nov 26, 2014, cookpad
428 Stars
Sometimes we want/need to know what's going on behind the scenes but our app is not always connected to our computer to let us check the logs. Galgo will let you display your log messages as an overlay on top of your UI.
Nov 20, 2014, inaka
165 Stars
A log library focused on high extensibility.
Dec 19, 2016, Muyangmin
152 Stars
An easy Android logging with Kotlin and Timber.
Jul 3, 2016, ajalt
90 Stars
Android console implementation.
Jul 19, 2016, jraska
74 Stars
A Simple Log Tool.
Jan 17, 2015, liaohuqiu
65 Stars
Oct 10, 2014, noties
63 Stars
Herald provides a very simple way to initialize logger objects and does all magic for you. You can annotate any field of some class with a @Log annotation to let Herald inject suitable logger in this field. It does not matter whether it is a static field or not.
Jun 25, 2015, vbauer
57 Stars
Android UI Automator to JUnit Format Converter.
Jan 12, 2015, dpreussler
48 Stars
Android library for accessing device call logs.
Oct 15, 2016, wickerlabs
45 Stars
Simple Logging Tool for Android and Java Platforms.
Jan 19, 2015, MoshDev
41 Stars
A general-purpose logging library with built-in support to save logs to file.
Sep 24, 2017, bosphere
33 Stars
SLF4J binding for Jake Wharton's Timber logging library.
Jul 5, 2014, arcao
31 Stars
A library that logs your request in cURL, used with Retrofit HTTP client.
Jul 16, 2016, grapesnberries
26 Stars
Do you have a library that needs some initial setup like an api key or credentials and without these the library won't work? Now you can use ArrowLogger to highlight this to the developers that use your library.
Sep 26, 2014, blundell
23 Stars
Streaming logs directly from your android phone as webserver. Supports different loggers with different log levels.
Apr 13, 2019, kibotu
23 Stars
Lumberjack - a customisable file/notification/console logger for Timber (each functionality is packed into it's own module)
Nov 5, 2016, MFlisar
14 Stars
Just another logging framework. Multiple combinable logging classes. Combine local logging with rolling file logging with Crashlytics with NewRelic...
Jan 12, 2015, dpreussler
13 Stars
Trail is a simple logging system for Java and Android. Create logs using the same API and the library will detect automatically in which platform the code is running.
May 2, 2015, mauriciotogneri
11 Stars
Android wrapper for logging information.
Dec 25, 2016, nisrulz
8 Stars
SLF4J binding for Timber - a logger with a small, extensible API which provides utility on top of Android's normal Log class.
Jan 4, 2018, patrickfav
5 Stars
Library that adds logging to lifecycle methods of Activities and Fragments with an unobtrusive annotation.
Jul 1, 2019, Chesire
5 Stars
Encrypted logging made great again.
May 18, 2017, NewtronLabs
4 Stars
Logging helper for the Android platform.
Apr 10, 2017, universum-studios

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