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Lock Patterns
2169 Stars
An easy-to-use, customizable, Material Design complaint Pattern Lock view for Android.
Apr 5, 2017, aritraroy
1115 Stars
A clean, minimalistic, easy-to-use and highly customizable pin lock custom view for Android.
Jun 13, 2016, aritraroy
978 Stars
Lock view with blur effect. Easy to customize.
Mar 23, 2016, Nightonke
636 Stars
An Android library for pattern lock.
May 12, 2015, DreaminginCodeZH
480 Stars
View for locking and unlocking.
Feb 8, 2015, geftimov
380 Stars
An Android grid lock screen view with a callback interface. It is very simple to use.
Apr 5, 2015, TakWolf
254 Stars
A View which looks like a Lollipop Pattern View.
Nov 3, 2015, AmniX
129 Stars
A widget that can be used to confirm the user's action, unlocking the screen etc. by providing the desired pattern with specified configuration. Widget can be animated in and out.
May 18, 2016, BCGDV-ASIA
115 Stars
Simple Android application lock.
Aug 21, 2014, dawsonice
58 Stars
This library provides possibility to easily integrate lock pattern protection into application. A lot of items are available for customization.
Mar 10, 2016, pro100svitlo
53 Stars
Awesome pattern lock view for android written in kotlin.
Jun 9, 2018, itsxtt
44 Stars
A simple library for locking and unlocking Activities (e.g. child lock) with a PIN code.
Jan 9, 2016, mattsilber
37 Stars
An Android library which can be used for implementing PIN lock mechanism in Android applications.
Nov 23, 2015, manupsunny
24 Stars
Small solution that gives you the easy way to implement customized slide-to-unlock view into your app. SlideLayout provides additional methods and classes for changing component's behavior and appearance: various orientations, transitions, directions etc.
Feb 5, 2017, romychab
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