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2090 Stars
Small library that wraps Google Play Service API in brilliant RxJava Observables reducing boilerplate to minimum.
Jul 5, 2014, mcharmas
1457 Stars
Android library project that intends to simplify the usage of location providers with a twist: you can modify the location strategy based in your activity.
Jan 6, 2015, mrmans0n
907 Stars
This project allows you to calculate the direction between two locations and display the route on a Google Map using the Google Directions API.
Jul 4, 2015, jd-alexander
612 Stars
Simplify getting user's location for Android.
Feb 14, 2016, yayaa
610 Stars
HyperTrack Live open source repo uses HyperTrack to enable location sharing and real-time tracking of your friends and family. Scrape parts of this app to add live location sharing into your own app, or fork the repo and modify it to your own need to build your own brand new app.
May 14, 2017, hypertrack
490 Stars
This library wraps the Location APIs in RxJava 2 Observables, Singles, Maybes and Completables. No more managing GoogleApiClients! Also, the resolution of the location settings check is optionally handled by the lib.
Nov 3, 2016, patloew
451 Stars
Google Direction API and Google Place API Library for Google Maps Android API v2.
Jan 14, 2015, akexorcist
450 Stars
Location picker component for Android. It returns a latitude,longitude and an address based on the location picked in the LocationPickerActivity provided.
Jul 31, 2016, SchibstedSpain
296 Stars
Finding current location cannot be easier on Android !
Sep 16, 2017, florent37
284 Stars
Java utility methods for geohashing.
Jan 2, 2015, davidmoten
214 Stars
A library which can get phone number geo location and other information from local or network (baidu, juhe or custom api).
Mar 24, 2016, xdtianyu
175 Stars
Comprehensive and FULL Java client for the Google Places API.
Jan 11, 2015, windy1
154 Stars
Nibo is a collection of useful widgets and drop in UIs for interacting with Google Places API.
Sep 13, 2017, aliumujib
113 Stars
RxJava wrap around standard Android LocationManager without Google Play Services
Mar 17, 2016, Zellius
103 Stars
Periodically tracking user's location in the background.
Apr 27, 2017, safetysystemtechnology
95 Stars
Getting location updates requires lots of bolierplate code in Android, You need to take care of
Dec 12, 2016, akhgupta
78 Stars
A simple LiveData implementation of Google Play location API.
Sep 4, 2018, emreeran
68 Stars
A library to parse XML Gpx files, built for Android.
Sep 16, 2015, ticofab
60 Stars
Phone tracker is an Android library to gather environment signals, like cell towers, wifi access points and gps locations. You can configure how to scan. Also you can make hot configuring updates, and be notified when the configuration is updated, among other things.
Mar 29, 2017, fooock
56 Stars
GeoFirebase is a libray to simplify the Firebase Database queries based on geolocations proximity. It will return every node in a given radius for a set of cordinates.
Sep 5, 2017, cutiko
39 Stars
This library contains all utils related to location, like getting lat or long, address, location setting dialog, etc.
Apr 7, 2018, prabhat1707
38 Stars
In many projects we need to access current location, latitude, longitude and many more, this library provides an easy way to get all these things.
Nov 14, 2017, ankitdubey021
36 Stars
This is a simplified library to track the user location and address corresponding to it.
Sep 21, 2016, kingsammalik
34 Stars
Set alarms for location in map.
Oct 23, 2017, Arjun-sna
27 Stars
LocationProvider is a tiny class that abstracts away a lot of the pain of getting a users location from the phone (without having to call location APIs), provides a fully configurable standard Builder pattern and a set of callbacks.
Oct 15, 2018, david-serrano
25 Stars
This library is used to handle location requests and maintains the flow with permission checks in marshmallow.
Dec 23, 2015, akashandroid90
23 Stars
Android library when the GPS is turned off, displays a dialog box and if the user agrees, GPS is turned on.
Dec 22, 2016, Pulimet
22 Stars
This is light weight library for getting location updates periodically, can customize according to user requirement.
Nov 17, 2016, mohanmanu484
19 Stars
This is the library which uses google's FusedLocationApi for fetching the current location of the user.
Sep 29, 2017, ankuryadav7
19 Stars
This simple library is just a wrap on newly updated Location APIs.
Jun 24, 2017, Skullper
18 Stars
Locationmanager is a small wrapper for Location Tracker.
Sep 2, 2018, grumpyshoe
17 Stars
A collection of utilities to make working with location in Android easier.
Sep 26, 2018, DMGDesignUK
16 Stars
Using GeoLocator-Android you could easily get you GPS based location from Android Devices.
Nov 18, 2018, AravindVijay7
15 Stars
LocationPicker is a simple and easy to use library that can be integrated into your project. The project is build with androidx. All libraries and APIs used in the project are up-to-date as of now You can get latitude, longitude and full address for selected location Please follow below instruction to know how to use it in your project
Jul 6, 2019, shivpujan12
14 Stars
Open Location Codes are short generated codes, that can be used like street addresses, for places where street addresses don't exist.
Mar 2, 2015, shkschneider
8 Stars
Simple multithread-friendly library for getting latest user locations using RxJava 2.
Oct 10, 2017, titanium-codes

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