SDP - a scalable size unit

An android SDK that provides a new size unit - sdp (scalable dp). This size unit scales with the screen size. It can help Android developers with supporting multiple screens.

for text views please refer to ssp which is based on the sp size unit for texts.


Use it carefully! for example, in most cases you still need to design a different layout for tablets.


Here is a single layout built using sdp:

sdp example

And here is the same layout built using dp:

dp example

You can see that sdp scales with the screen size and the dp stays with the same size on all screen sizes.

Getting Started

To add sdp to your project (Using Android Studio and Gradle):

add implementation '' to your build.gradle dependencies block.

for example:

dependencies {
  implementation ''

See the sdp_example.xml to see how to use to the sdp size unit.

For easy mapping of designs to sdp units, one can create designs with 300 pixels screen width - in this case each pixel in the design corresponds to 1 sdp.


The sdp size unit calculation includes some approximation due to some performance and usability constraints.

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