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14540 Stars
Fast JSON Processor.
Jan 6, 2015, alibaba
13278 Stars
Gson is a Java library that can be used to convert Java Objects into their JSON representation. It can also be used to convert a JSON string to an equivalent Java object.
Jul 5, 2014, google
6447 Stars
RapidJSON is a JSON parser and generator for C++. It was inspired by RapidXml.
Nov 10, 2014, Tencent
4074 Stars
A modern JSON library for Android and Java.
Mar 31, 2015, square
3153 Stars
The fastest JSON parsing and serializing library available for Android. Based on Jackson's streaming API, LoganSquare is able to consistently outperform GSON and Jackson's Databind library by 400% or more. By relying on compile-time annotation processing to generate code, you know that your JSON will parse and serialize faster than any other method available.
Feb 17, 2015, bluelinelabs
1456 Stars
High-performance JSON processor.
Jul 5, 2014, FasterXML
1235 Stars
Fast JSON parser for Java projects. The following scalar types are supported:
Sep 12, 2014, Instagram
810 Stars
This library intends to make JSON very easy to interact with in Java; it also makes (de)serialization painless.
Feb 18, 2017, afollestad
428 Stars
JSON.simple is a simple Java toolkit for JSON. You can use JSON.simple to encode or decode JSON text.
Jul 5, 2014, fangyidong
362 Stars
DSL Platform compatible JSON library for Java and Android.
Apr 21, 2016, ngs-doo
300 Stars
Stag improves Gson performance by automatically generating reflection-less TypeAdapters for your model objects.
Aug 15, 2016, vimeo
290 Stars
What this tool can do right now:
Dec 21, 2014, jonfhancock
219 Stars
Perfect Java serialization to and from JSON format. Also, supports pretty-printing of JSON.
May 10, 2015, jdereg
209 Stars
Convert JSON to Android Notification.
Jul 14, 2015, 8tory
173 Stars
Retrofit ships with support for OkHttp's RequestBody and ResponseBody types but the library is content-format agnostic. This modules contained herein are additional converters for JSON which uses FastJson.
Apr 21, 2016, ligboy
117 Stars
Stand-alone data-binding module designed as a light-weight (and -featured) alternative to jackson-databind: will only deal with "Maps, Lists, Strings, wrappers and Java Beans.
Jul 5, 2014, FasterXML
114 Stars
An extension to Moshi that provides general purpose, simple and yet useful JsonAdapters that are not present in the main library.
Oct 9, 2016, serj-lotutovici
104 Stars
Jsonsurfer is dedicated in processing big and complicated json data with three major features.
Mar 31, 2017, jsurfer
101 Stars
In short, this is a GraphQL request JSON body builder for Kotlin. It will generate the JSON string for request body that work with GraphQL Server.
Jan 7, 2017, VerachadW
57 Stars
Simple and easy json parser, json generator, and data holder based on JSONArray and JSONObject for android.
Mar 4, 2017, amirdew
53 Stars
An agnostic Json abstraction to perform data binding operations for Android and Java.
Jun 19, 2016, VictorAlbertos
31 Stars
Flatten json response with this simple library (for those who uses Gson for json deserialization).
Nov 10, 2015, noties
29 Stars
Convert any Java object to JSON for easier debugging.
Nov 2, 2015, cesarferreira
23 Stars
Library to collapse inner objects when parsing json.
Mar 1, 2017, Tishka17
20 Stars
ModelMapper is an Android library to help parsing JSON strings and mapping it to objects of model classes automatically.
Jul 5, 2014, eunjae-lee
17 Stars
This is a demo project on Flatbuffers. Flatbuffers is an android parsing library which is much faster then GSON.
Jan 17, 2017, anirudhramanan
9 Stars
GetJson is the simplest HTTP library to Receive JSON Data from REST Service. It Gives data as a String which can be used to pass the data between activities which can then be converted to JsonObject to carry on further operations. It can also return data in JsonObject. It also offers an array of Internet related features.
Feb 2, 2018, 100rabhkr
6 Stars
Kotlin Json DSL.
Aug 20, 2017, fcannizzaro
2 Stars
Project is inspired by ig-json-parser. It basically do the same thing as ig-json-parser, but the differences are:
Dec 29, 2014, molikto
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