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Image Pickers
9839 Stars
Matisse is a well-designed local image and video selector for Android. You can
Apr 22, 2017, zhihu
2930 Stars
Image selector for Android device. Support single choice and multi-choice.
Apr 12, 2015, lovetuzitong
2863 Stars
LeafPic is an ad-free, open-source and material-designed android gallery alternative.
Jun 10, 2016, HoraApps
2830 Stars
Simple photopicker.
Jul 4, 2015, donglua
1372 Stars
EasyImage allows you to easily take a picture from gallery or camera without creating a lot of boilerplate code.
Nov 3, 2015, jkwiecien
1240 Stars
Fast and efficient selector of albums with low memory usage.
Sep 25, 2016, TangXiaoLv
906 Stars
If you want pick image from gallery or take picture, this library can help easily.
Sep 12, 2016, ParkSangGwon
607 Stars
A small customizable library useful to handle an gallery image pick action built-in your app.
Jan 30, 2017, andremion
537 Stars
ImagePicker is a library for picking image from the Android Gallery or technically from MediaStore.Image.Media without the hassle.
Nov 6, 2016, esafirm
447 Stars
RxJava extension for Android to access camera and gallery to take images.
May 2, 2016, miguelbcr
431 Stars
Create awesome image gallery using ScrollGalleryView. Just add your images.
Sep 11, 2015, VEINHORN
396 Stars
A pretty image picker for Android.
Nov 14, 2015, sangcomz
386 Stars
A library to pick multiple images.
Jun 22, 2015, yazeed44
323 Stars
An easy way to get image from Gallery or Camera with request runtime permission on Android M using RxJava.
Apr 22, 2016, MLSDev
321 Stars
Shows a DialogFragment with Camera or Gallery options. The user can choose from where provider wants to pick an image.
Nov 5, 2016, jrvansuita
320 Stars
Pix is a Whatsapp image picker replica. with this you can integrate a image picker just like whatsapp.
May 14, 2018, akshay2211
312 Stars
A simple library to pick images from the gallery and camera.
Aug 6, 2016, nguyenhoanglam
255 Stars
TedPicker is image selector library for android.
Feb 2, 2016, ParkSangGwon
247 Stars
An android library that allows selection of multiple images from gallery. It shows an initial album chooser and then images in selected album.
May 27, 2015, darsh2
226 Stars
Photo image selection activity set library.
Jan 13, 2015, nohana
181 Stars
An Android image picker and cropper library.
Mar 27, 2017, linchaolong
137 Stars
An image picker that extends BottomSheetDialogFragment.
May 11, 2018, siralam
117 Stars
TedImagePicker is a simple/beautiful/smart image picker.
Jun 5, 2019, ParkSangGwon
99 Stars
This is a picture select Android library that supports camera to take pictures, picture gallery multiple choice, image shearing!
Aug 10, 2015, amphiaraus
99 Stars
This is a picture select Android library that supports camera to take pictures, picture gallery multiple choice, image shearing!
Aug 10, 2015, mapleqin
96 Stars
ImageFileSelector allows to choose picture and crop it.
Nov 13, 2015, sw926
81 Stars
Easy customizable picker for all your needs in Android application.
Mar 26, 2018, robertlevonyan
73 Stars
Android image group view - it can can show and add images.
Jun 23, 2016, loopeer
73 Stars
Simple Library to Pick an image from the Gallery or Capture image with Camera.
Feb 12, 2019, Dhaval2404
55 Stars
A fully customizable icon picker dialog that provides easy access to a load of quality icons without having to include them in your project. Icons used by this library are all part of the Material Design Icons set, made by Google as well as several contributors.
May 10, 2018, maltaisn
51 Stars
Multi photo picker is totally custom library. User can add multiple picture with same photo multiple time.
Jul 25, 2017, nileshpambhar
36 Stars
If you want to pick up a photo from the gallery and camera, store it somewhere then do something, this library will be the best choice for you. It will handle all the storing, scaling, rotating, threading, loading dialogs. Easy to start a photo intent, easy to get the result, you won't need to code a lot as what you used to do.
Dec 30, 2016, Siclo-Mobile
35 Stars
Android gallery & photo/video functionality simplified with RxJava2.
Sep 18, 2017, marchinram
31 Stars
A Imagepicker which allows to select images or capture from camera with permission.
Feb 1, 2018, himangipatel
31 Stars
MultiImagePicker for Android Application, written in Kotlin.
Jan 18, 2018, WindSekirun
28 Stars
Android library to choose image from gallery or camera with option to compress result image.
Jul 22, 2018, maayyaannkk
28 Stars
Kotlin based media picker library, to pick multiple images and/or videos from built-in gallery. Easy to implement and use.
Apr 15, 2018, WrathChaos
13 Stars
Android Library to work with Camera or Gallery.
Mar 9, 2018, PauloLinhares09
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