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Image Croppers
7426 Stars
This project aims to provide an ultimate and flexible image cropping experience.
Jan 22, 2016, Yalantis
4141 Stars
An Android library project to provide a simple image cropping Activity, based on code from AOSP.
Jul 5, 2014, jdamcd
3674 Stars
Powerful (Zoom, Rotation, Multi-Source), customizable (Shape, Limits, Style), optimized (Async, Sampling, Matrix) and simple image cropping library for Android.
Apr 25, 2016, ArthurHub
2626 Stars
The Cropper is an image cropping tool. It provides a way to set an image in XML and programmatically, and displays a resizable crop window on top of the image. Calling the method getCroppedImage() will then return the Bitmap marked by the crop window.
Jul 5, 2014, edmodo
2008 Stars
The SimpleCropView is an image cropping library for Android. It simplify your code for cropping image and provides easily customizable UI.
Aug 22, 2015, igreenwood
1892 Stars
Configurable custom crop widget for Android.
Apr 4, 2017, steelkiwi
1767 Stars
Fixed viewport image cropping library for Android with built-in support for Picasso or Glide.
Nov 22, 2015, lyft
624 Stars
An ImageView that supports different kind of cropping rather than the only Android is currently supporting: centerCrop
Feb 16, 2015, cesards
609 Stars
PhotoCropper is a light-weight but sharp and smart tool to help you cropping photos on android devices. By providing a simple callback interface for developers and encapsulating the tricky things of cropping photos into a library. It makes the logic much more easier and simpler.
Dec 18, 2015, ryanhoo
554 Stars
Replacement for deprecated official Android crop image function.
Jul 5, 2014, biokys
382 Stars
This is a lightweight Image Cropper for Android which also supports no-crop feature.
Nov 15, 2015, jayrambhia
336 Stars
A View for cropping images that is similar to Instagram's crop. Also an Activity for cropping is included.
Apr 11, 2017, yasharpm
327 Stars
A light-weight image cropping layout, allowing UI customization and cropping box update listener. Image and the selected area (cropping box) is scale and fit into the predefined area.
Feb 23, 2016, yulu
175 Stars
A practical tool which helps users to slice and share their pictures.
Jun 1, 2015, yaa110
169 Stars
This is an Android library for cropping images. Move images smoothly, and crop images precisely.
Oct 7, 2017, TakuSemba
153 Stars
Simple image cropping tool derived from Crop Image.
Sep 20, 2016, ekimual
135 Stars
The PhotoCrop is an image cropping tool. It provides a way to set an image in XML and programmatically, and displays a resizable crop window on top of the image. Calling the method getCroppedImage() will then return the Bitmap marked by the crop window.
Jun 26, 2015, albinmathew
75 Stars
There are many image cropping tools that can be implemented in Android, but the only problem is that they only crop out square or rectangular parts on an image. So, this example will show my implementation of an image cropping tool where it crops out non-rectangular images.
Jul 22, 2014, choiboi
69 Stars
Android library to crop images by moving & scaling image.
Aug 25, 2016, adamstyrc
68 Stars
This library analyses a best crop position and size by calculating some features (edge, skin tone, staturation and face).
Dec 5, 2015, QuadFlask
51 Stars
The library is a small widget for image cropping in Instagram-like style. Written in Kotlin.
Oct 26, 2017, avito-tech
47 Stars
One of the popular scaletype configurations used in Android is the "centerCrop". However, it is limited to just center cropping. This usually crops off the faces of people from images that have an aspect ratio height > width.
Jul 29, 2015, omgnuts
42 Stars
Library that allows you to scale, rotate, crop, alter aspect ratios, change brightness and contrast.
Oct 5, 2017, krokyze
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