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Android Arsenal

What is this

A commandline tool to copy Android Material Design and FontAwesome icons to your project folders: drawable-ldpi, drawable-mdpi, and etc.

How it works

It downloads from these repos:

Resolution supported

    | l | m | h | xh | xxh | xxxh |

--------|---|---|---|----|-----|------| FA | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | - | Classic | - | Y | Y | Y | Y | - | Material| - | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y |

Sizes supported

Material: 18, 24, 36, 48 dp. FA and Classic: 32 dp only.


Material      : ./copy {proj path} {category} {color} {icon name} [size]
Classic and FA: ./copy {proj path} {fa/classic} {color} {icon name}

[] denotes optional args. Args are case sensitive!

  • proj path: Path to project folder relative to base path.
    • base path can be defined in options file (see below).
    • Auto-detects new or old project structure: MyProject/src/main/res or MyProject/res.
  • category: Either "classic", "fa", or Material category.
  • color: Color of icon: Either "white", "grey" or "black".
    • For Classic and FA, "white" refers to the Holo Dark theme (dark background). "Grey" refers to the Holo Light theme.
    • For Material, "grey" refers to grey600.
  • icon name: Name of icon (must replace spaces and dashes with underscores).
    • Without any prefix. Examples: FontAwesome "thumbs_up", Classic "search".
  • size (integer): for Material only, Size in dp, defaults to 24 which is the action bar icon size for material design.


  • ./copy MyProject maps white place
    • Downloads to `BasePath/MyProject/{src/main}/res/drawable-{m,h,xh,xxh,xxh}dpi
  • ./copy MyProject maps white place 48
  • ./copy Path/to/MyProject fa grey thumbs_up

Windows users need to use python copy instead (I think).

Filename mapping

The tool also supports filename mapping of destination png files. (see options) Mapping vars:

  • cat: category
  • name: name as specified in commandline.
  • color: color as specified: white, black, grey.
  • size: integer only.
  • bg: derived from color. black => bright, white => dark, grey => light.
  • bgSuffix: "_dark" if bg is dark else empty string.

Options file

Named options.json in same dir. Sample:

    "basePath": "~/Documents",
    "filenameMap": {
        "classic": "ic_action_{name}{bgSuffix}.png",
        "fa": "ic_action_fa_{name}{bgSuffix}.png",
        "material": "ic_{name}_{color}_{size}dp.png"

~ is expanded to the user home dir.

./copy Path/to/MyProject fa white thumbs_up results in the target filename of ic_action_fa_thumbs_up_dark.png.


  • Python >= 2.7 (older or newer ver might work, you may try.)
  • Python Requests package: pip install requests
  • Git clone this repo or download the script.

Icon cheatsheet


This project is under the MIT License. (see LICENSE)

Please refer to the respective icon library for its licensing info.

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