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Material letter icon with circle background. Also supports for image for user contact.

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Square Initials Square Initials Alternate Initial Square Image Alternate Initial Circular Image Gradle

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.akashandroid90:imageletter:1.8@aar'


bug fixes

vector drawable support


Declare in XML (see xml attributes below for customization):

    android:layout_height="@dimen/letter_icon_size" />

Or static initializer (see xml attributes below for customization):

MaterialLetterIcon icon = new MaterialLetterIcon.Builder(context) //

Configure using xml attributes or setters in code:

app:shape_color="@color/black"      // shape color
app:shape_type="circle"             // shape type
app:letter=""                       // letter or string to get first letter from
app:letter_color="@color/white"     // letter color
app:letter_size="26"                // letter size SP
app:letters_number="1"              // number of letters to get from string
app:initials="false"                // turn on initials mode
app:initials_number="2"             // number of initials to be showed
app:corner_radius="1dp"             // radius of image to make at corner
app:is_oval="true"                  // to make a circular image
app:border_width="1dp"              // border width around the image
app:border_color="@color/black"     //border color around image


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