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580 Stars
ShowTipsView let you highligth specific points of interest of your app.
Nov 16, 2014, fredericojssilva
507 Stars
CodeView helps to show code content with syntax highlighting in native way.
Aug 25, 2016, kbiakov
247 Stars
A syntax highlighting view, powered by highlight.js, for Android.
Jul 11, 2016, PDDStudio
160 Stars
Android Code Highlighter.
Jan 18, 2017, tiagohm
77 Stars
Codeview is an Android library that lets you to preview code in WebView very simple with highlighting.
Jul 29, 2016, avraampiperidis
57 Stars
Code beautifier for Android - a wrapper around a WebView running HighlightJS.
Jun 7, 2016, fiskurgit
49 Stars
Highlights every View which inherits TextView (i.e. TextView, Button, EditText). Set targets and Colors. Then highlight any word.
Aug 20, 2017, xeoh
28 Stars
Highlightify is Android library that helps you highlight views when you press them. Usually you would create separate drawable with dark overlay or keep two almost identical images in your resources. But no more, with Highlightify you can easily do in in runtime.
Jul 14, 2014, noveogroup
14 Stars
TextHighlighter is a simple android API for developers to show highlighted text in android apps, also provides methods to show styled text.
Oct 25, 2016, nakshay
3 Stars
Selecting a particular section of text and highlighting with different color and add notes to them.
Apr 2, 2017, shree-vastava
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