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GSON analog for serialization/deserialization of Java objects into HTML code and back

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Work in progress, a basic data is supported so far.

For the sample see TestClass.java

Contribution is welcome!

How to use?

Add dependency (XTML is available through jitpack.io):

repositories {
    maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }
dependencies {
	        compile 'com.github.metalurgus:XTML:0.0.2'

Sample HTML to deserialize:

 "<div test1 = '111'>" +
    "<div id='testId' test2='222'/>" +
    "<div test2='333'/>" +
    "<div id='testId2'>" +
        "<div test2='333'/>" +
        "<div test2='333'/>" +
        "<div test2='333'/>" +
    "</div>" +
    "<div id='testId3'>" +
        "<div test2='333'>222.22</div>" +
        "<div test2='333'>333.33</div>" +
        "<div test2='333'>444.44</div>" +
    "</div>" +

Annotate your model class with @XTMLClass annotation:

public class TestClass {

Annotate every field to be deserialized with @XTMLMapping annotation:

@XTMLMapping(type = XTMLMapping.Type.ATTRIBUTE, name = "test1")
public int field1;
//Non-siple data types are supported as well.
@XTMLMapping(type = XTMLMapping.Type.TAG, select = "#testId")
public InnerTestClass innerTestClass1;
@XTMLMapping(type = XTMLMapping.Type.TAG, index = 1)
public InnerTestClass innerTestClass2;
//as well as collections
@XTMLMapping(type = XTMLMapping.Type.COLLECTION, select = "#testId2 > *")
public List<InnerTestClass> innerTestClassList;
@XTMLMapping(type = XTMLMapping.Type.COLLECTION, select = "#testId3 > *")
public List<Double> integerList;

class InnerTestClass {
    @XTMLMapping(type = XTMLMapping.Type.ATTRIBUTE, name = "test2")
    public String field3;

Call XTML.fromHTML():

TestClass testClass = XTML.fromHTML(Jsoup.parse(TestClass.HTML).body().child(0), TestClass.class);

type attribute: @XTMLMapping.Type.ATTRIBUTE will pick an attribute lavue into the annitated field @XTMLMapping.Type.TAG will parse an HTML tag into annotated field, doing it recursively, if field class is annotated with @XTMLClass, and trying to assign the attribute text to the field if not annotated. @XTMLMapping.Type.COLLECTION will parse a list of elements, provided with a select attribute.

name attribute - specifies HTML attribute name to be parsed with @XTMLMapping.Type.ATTRIBUTE annotation, or an element with specified name(<div name='someName'/>)

id attribute - specifies id of an element to be parsed into the annotated field

index attribute - specifies an index of the element inside a list, provided by select attribute, or an index of a child element to be parsed into an annotated field

select attribute - a CSS selector to select a list of nodes for collection, or a single node (using index, or picking `st element) for parsing.

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