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7033 Stars
Fragmentation is a powerful library managing Fragment for Android.
Jun 27, 2017, YoKeyword
1696 Stars
A powerful library to manage Fragments.
Dec 19, 2017, JustKiddingBaby
781 Stars
Android DialogFragment that enables Dialog to be swiped away to dismiss.
May 2, 2016, kakajika
538 Stars
An enum based library to replace fragments, because #perfmatters.
Nov 14, 2015, pyricau
471 Stars
Extends StatedFragment and save state in onSaveState(Bundle outState) and restore state in onRestoreState(Bundle savedInstanceState).
Mar 24, 2015, nuuneoi
369 Stars
Custom tabs, made easy.
Nov 30, 2015, DreaminginCodeZH
139 Stars
InstaLikeFragmentTransaction is an open source repository with custom Bottom tab Fragment backstack transaction and stack history for Tabs.
May 12, 2017, f22labs
120 Stars
FlowR is a wrapper class around the Fragment Manager. It's mainly used to navigate between different fragments easily while providing a wide range of functionality. The following are the functionalities provided by the Flowr:
Feb 24, 2017, Fueled
84 Stars
A library to show a color pop in a new fragment based on position of clicked view.
Jun 6, 2016, Mahfa
62 Stars
Eliminates need to create a static function to initialize a fragment and bind the arguments.
Mar 31, 2017, dilpreet96
45 Stars
An Android library that holds fragment states for BottomNavigationView. Saves fragment back stack even after activity rotation. Implementation derived from FragmentStatePagerAdapter.
Jul 26, 2017, okaybroda
42 Stars
A library to help android developer working easly with activities and fragments
Jun 22, 2017, massivedisaster
38 Stars
An Android frame In order to support single Activity + multi Fragment framework.
Sep 11, 2017, JustKiddingBaby
35 Stars
This library provides an easy to use API for switching between fragments that share the same container. Implementing tabs, such as the ones Instagram has at the bottom of the layout, is a much simpler goal to achieve when using TabController.
Mar 31, 2017, Appolica
32 Stars
A tiny library for handling hardware back button click in fragments.
Oct 6, 2016, skoumalcz
25 Stars
FragmentSwapper is an Open Source Android library that allows easy fragment's management. It is somewhat similar to Activities management model. For instance, new fragment can be launched from another one with action's request (using request code) and then recieve the result.
May 31, 2015, open-rnd
18 Stars
This library avoids IllegalStateException when working with Fragments.
Nov 27, 2017, Zuluft
17 Stars
FragmentTabWithDrawer is useful for manage group of fragments for each tab.
Sep 8, 2015, pchauhan
15 Stars
Library for passing arguments into Fragment.
Sep 14, 2016, itsJoKr
14 Stars
RecyclerFragment is a small Android library that allow you to display RecyclerView data in a Fragment. Easy to use, it is similar to the framework's ListFragment with additional features.
Apr 14, 2018, thibseisel
14 Stars
This library will help you to pass and receive fragment arguments in easier way.
Feb 15, 2017, armcha
13 Stars
An Easy to use library for managing individual fragment back stack as Instagram and Youtube does. Easily pluggable with client code, not much code change needed.
Jun 9, 2018, abhishesh-srivastava
11 Stars
Extended management of fragments for the Android platform.
Mar 6, 2017, universum-studios
11 Stars
Sliding Selection List
Sep 22, 2015, jjhesk
10 Stars
DataFragment is a tiny tiny library that helps to prevent a little boilerplate code for retained data fragments in Android. This is really useful for holding data and long-running tasks over activity lifecycle, namely orientation changes.
Apr 28, 2017, matecode
9 Stars
A reusable fragment to display links to social networks, the Play Store as well as recommendation and support email links. The fragment tries to open installed apps on the user's device first and resorts to the web browser otherwise.
Oct 9, 2017, saschpe
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