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812 Stars
A reactive wrapper around Android's fingerprint API that handles encrypting/decrypting sensitive data using a fingerprint.
Mar 10, 2016, square
549 Stars
This library offers an easy way to handle authentication and encryption using Android Fingerprint APIs.
Apr 6, 2017, JesusM
511 Stars
Android library to simplify Fingerprint authentication implementation.
Feb 10, 2018, infinum
431 Stars
A small library that allows You to easily manage fingererprint authentication inside your Activity or Fragment on devices with fingerprint scanner and Android M and higher. Min sdk 14
Oct 6, 2016, pro100svitlo
415 Stars
A simple, unified fingerprint authentication library for Android with ReactiveX extensions.
Dec 7, 2015, ajalt
356 Stars
RxFingerprint wraps the Android Fingerprint APIs to authenticate your users and encrypt their data with their fingerprints!
Jan 21, 2016, Mauin
238 Stars
RxJava and RxKotlin bindings for Biometric Prompt (Fingerprint Scanner) on Android (added in Android 9 Pie, API Level 28+)
Oct 19, 2018, pwittchen
203 Stars
FingerLock is a library designed to make fingerprint authentication an easy task for Android developers.
Sep 14, 2016, aitorvs
129 Stars
Finger print authentication helper is an android library to simplify the authentication with finger print process. This will provide a common platform for finger print authentication for all the android versions.
Oct 11, 2016, multidots
104 Stars
A simple and beautiful Lock Screen library to set an check pin code. Integrated with fingerprint authentication. It allows to secure your app easily.
Jul 26, 2017, amirarcane
40 Stars
Fingerprint authentication made easy.
Mar 3, 2018, marcoscgdev
38 Stars
Fingerprint as simple as possible. Best suited for developers who just want to have to deal with 3 things:
Feb 25, 2018, adorsys
29 Stars
It is a digital reading library that has been designed with the focus of facilitating the implementation of FingerPrint in a simple and clear way without taking out its robustness and dynamism, besides following all the guideline that the Material Design provides. EasyFingerPrint already comes with a layout file ready and fully customizable.
Sep 16, 2018, HenriqueMachine
25 Stars
FingerprintAssistant is a library built to seamlessly integrate fingerprint api's into any android project. The custom callback structure implemented will provide callbacks for all possible scenarios encountered while integrating fingerprint api's. FingerprintAssistant primarily address the elimination of validations overhead and focus on business logic to make fingerprint auth as easy and as fast as possible.
Jun 7, 2017, dev-prajwal21
15 Stars
A security screen using fingerprint or pin code.
Sep 15, 2018, fevziomurtekin

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