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File Directory Choosers
1648 Stars
Android library that provides a file explorer to let users select files on external storage.
Jul 5, 2014, iPaulPro
1579 Stars
A photopicker to select and click photos and document picker to select different types of documents.
Aug 3, 2016, DroidNinja
790 Stars
Material file picker library for Android
Oct 27, 2015, nbsp-team
630 Stars
A file/directory-picker for android. Implemented as a library project.
Jul 5, 2014, spacecowboy
534 Stars
A pretty and simple storage/directory chooser library for 4.4+ devices. This library was created to be included in OpenGApps App. There are too many storage chooser out there but this one is too materially :stuckouttongue: . Easy to implement and does not take a lot of your valueable time in setting-up all the other necessary things that every developer seeks, like
Feb 22, 2017, codekidX
474 Stars
Android Library to select files/directories from Device Storage.
Jul 19, 2016, Angads25
467 Stars
A simple directory chooser you can integrate into your Android app.
Jul 5, 2014, passy
408 Stars
FileListerDialog helps you to list and pick file/directory for Android.
Jul 22, 2017, FirzenYogesh
175 Stars
It's a simple android file explorer. You can see all internal and external files.
Oct 29, 2015, dibakarece
78 Stars
A file picker fragment for Android that can be embedded in your app.
Jan 5, 2015, TonicArtos
77 Stars
Simple library that allows for picking of files and directories. This is a clean and simple way to allow your user to easily select a file. This library is inspired by Android L and the new Material Design guidelines adding to its sleekness and beauty.
Aug 9, 2014, DeveloperPaul123
63 Stars
A FileBrowser / FileChooser for Android that you can integrate to your app to browse/select files from internal/external storage.
Apr 23, 2017, adityak368
61 Stars
Little library for choose file from SDCard in android 2.2+
Jul 5, 2014, ingyesid
54 Stars
Zero permissions file picker for Android.
May 30, 2016, zendesk
53 Stars
A lightweight file/folder chooser, chained calls style.
Jun 5, 2018, hedzr
46 Stars
Android File Chooser is a simple and customizable file/directory chooser dialog which you can use in your apps to let your users select a file or directory based on your needs.
Oct 30, 2016, MostafaNasiri
42 Stars
A simple android library that lets user select a directory.
Apr 5, 2015, TurhanOz
34 Stars
Android library which implements a simple and easy to use file chooser.
Jul 5, 2014, jfmdev
30 Stars
A FilePicker library for Android for selecting different types of files such as images, audios, videos, documents and also to capture Images and Videos.
Jun 21, 2018, jaiselrahman
29 Stars
A light-weight android library that can be quickly integrated into any app to let users choose folder, also files (but esp built for folders).
Jun 3, 2017, kashifo
27 Stars
Android - FilePickerFilter Library.
Mar 1, 2017, aerdy
21 Stars
Android Material Design File Chooser.
May 13, 2018, tiagohm
15 Stars
An easy file / folder picker dialog fragment which is easily to implement. Nothing special is required, you just need to add few lines of code!
May 27, 2017, kingfisherphuoc
14 Stars
Android library to provide chooser for files in external storage.
Jun 24, 2017, Arjun-sna
6 Stars
File and folder picker dialog.
May 29, 2018, isabsent
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