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Is your Inbox full of bug reports and requests from your users?
Gitty Reporter is a new material designed library to report issues from your app directly on GitHub, even without an account.

How to use

Add this to your build.gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.paolorotolo:gitty_reporter:1.2.1'

Create a new Activity that extends GittyReporter:

public class Gitty extends GittyReporter {

    // Please DO NOT override onCreate. Use init instead.
    public void init(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        // Set where Gitty will send issues.
        // (username, repository name);
        setTargetRepository("paolorotolo", "GittyReporter");
        // Set Auth token to open issues if user doesn't have a GitHub account
        // For example, you can register a bot account on GitHub that will open bugs for you. 

        // Set if User can send bugs with his own GitHub account (default: true)
        // If false, Gitty will always use your Auth token
        // Set if Gitty can use your Auth token for users without a GitHub account (default: true)
        // If false, Gitty will redirect non registred users to
        // Include other relevant info in your bug report (like custom variables)
        setExtraInfo("Example string");
        // Allow users to edit debug info (default: false)
        // Customize Gitty appearance
        setFabColor1(int colorNormal, int colorPressed, int colorRipple);
        setFabColor2(int colorNormal, int colorPressed, int colorRipple);
        setBackgroundColor1(int color);
        setBackgroundColor2(int color);
        setRippleColor(int color);

Featuring Material Design

Gitty Reporter follows Google's material design guidelines. On >= Lollipop, it also includes material animations watch them in HD.


I've uploaded an example app here on GitHub. Check it out! It's also available on Google Play.

Apps using it

  • Some apps at Numix Project Ltd. We've created a GitHub bot named numix-ood (Doctor Who anyone?).
  • Glucosio.
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