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Exception Handling
2907 Stars
Failsafe is a lightweight, zero-dependency library for handling failures. It was designed to be as easy to use as possible, with a concise API for handling everyday use cases and the flexibility to handle everything else.
Feb 24, 2017, jhalterman
1503 Stars
"Recovery" can help you to automatically handle application crash in runtime.
Sep 17, 2016, Sunzxyong
243 Stars
Error handling library for Android and Java.
Sep 6, 2016, Workable
142 Stars
Error Handle Of Rxjava.
Jun 10, 2017, JessYanCoding
115 Stars
FireCrasher is designed to handle the Uncaught Exceptions in your android application and helps to recover without exiting from the application.
May 17, 2016, osama-raddad
105 Stars
ExceptionWear is very simple library to solve problem of not passing exceptions from Android Wear devices to the phone. So if you release an app for smart-watches to Google Play and it will crash (and it will) you won't get any information about it.
Feb 2, 2015, tajchert
59 Stars
Collect UncaughtException when your Android App crash.
Oct 4, 2015, mthli
57 Stars
Allows you to retrieve exceptions of an Android Wear app in your handheld's one. It is particularly useful if you're using a Crash Reporting library or if you implemented a way to retrieve crashes.
May 25, 2015, PomepuyN
54 Stars
SafeLooper catches unexpected exceptions in Android applications to avoid showing force close dialog.
Aug 11, 2015, mmin18
47 Stars
The one true exception handler for Android.
Feb 23, 2016, Malinskiy
30 Stars
A sample project to demonstrate how one can catch an unhandled exception in Android and display a custom error dialog.
Oct 9, 2016, Idolon-V
21 Stars
This Android project allows to send Intent to destination Activity when app was closed (in the simplest way).
Oct 30, 2016, rerlanggas

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