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Download Managers
8643 Stars
Android multi-task file download engine.
Dec 29, 2015, lingochamp
2214 Stars
PRDownloader - a file downloader library for Android with pause and resume support.
Nov 18, 2017, MindorksOpenSource
1497 Stars
Android/Java download manager library help you to download files in parallel mechanism in some chunks.
Jul 14, 2015, majidgolshadi
999 Stars
Easy to use multi-threaded downloader for Android.
May 24, 2015, AigeStudio
879 Stars
Android Multi-Thread Download library.
Nov 21, 2015, Aspsine
766 Stars
Fetch is a simple yet powerful Android library that allows you to manage downloads more efficiently in your Android apps. It uses a background service on the device to download and maintain requests.
Feb 1, 2017, tonyofrancis
722 Stars
Thin DownloadManager is an android library primary to download files and to avoid using DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION permission when using Android provided DownloadManager in your application.
Aug 26, 2015, smanikandan14
450 Stars
This is a copy of the DownloadManager, but it allows for downloading to private internal storage.
May 16, 2015, novoda
173 Stars
Simple Video & Photo Downloader or Repost for Instagram.
Aug 21, 2017, bachors
151 Stars
This project is for downloading items(songs, images etc) in Android using RxJava2. There are, however 2 conditions which I have set for downloading.
Feb 25, 2017, Ansh1234
102 Stars
Android library for downloading, saving/caching and retrieving any type of files (image, video, pdf, apk etc) easily.
Jan 5, 2018, kk121
99 Stars
RxDownloader is an RxWrapped Download Manager.
Nov 4, 2016, esafirm
85 Stars
Pump is a fast, easy-to-use android download library that supports multitask, multithread, and breakpoint download.
Nov 5, 2018, huxq17
75 Stars
Download manager via okhttp.
Dec 6, 2016, yuanwenbing
61 Stars
This a is a ready-to-use library that encapsulate the Android Download Manager. Using an interface you can easily connect to your Activity or Fragment and used it. It runs on other process as an independent service.
Nov 17, 2015, bemobi
36 Stars
An android view showing a download progressBar, total size, downloadedSize, percentage downloaded and a cancel button of the android DownloadManager with just few lines of code. Just like Google Play downloading.
Oct 29, 2015, ayz4sci
25 Stars
Play store downloads/updates app in sequence because of the performance issues but still there are the cases when you need to download/upload things in parallel like AppStore or WhatsApp.
Apr 3, 2017, webianks
24 Stars
A library to download Youtube video as mp3 files.
Sep 10, 2017, androidmads
21 Stars
An example app to download pdf from url and saved into your internal storage.
Nov 5, 2017, ajithvgiri
20 Stars
SugarLoader is a small library that adds sugar to Android Loader API.
Jun 17, 2017, AlexGianq
19 Stars
Useful library for downloading file, mp3, mp4, ..... any file
Jun 23, 2019, alirezat775
18 Stars
You can use this Downloader when:
Dec 16, 2018, BK24
16 Stars
The ZionFactory help you download files with so short code.
Jan 7, 2019, caneryilmaz
9 Stars
BulkDownload is a library project that allows bulk content downloads in a cleaner way.
Dec 27, 2018, tawaasalage
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