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ClassyShark is a handy browser for Android executables. It has clients for both Android (apk) and Desktop (jar). With ClassyShark you can open APK/Zip/Class/Jar files and analyze their contents.
Dec 21, 2015, google
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smali is an assembler/disassembler for the dex format used by dalvik, Android's Java VM implementation. The syntax is loosely based on Jasmin's/dedexer's syntax, and supports the full functionality of the dex format (annotations, debug info, line info, etc.)
Aug 9, 2014, JesusFreke
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Androguard is mainly a tool written in python to play with:
Sep 29, 2014, androguard
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Enjarify is a tool for translating Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode. This allows Java analysis tools to analyze Android applications.
Jun 11, 2015, google
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This is a Decompiler that extracts the source code of an Android application (including XML files and image assets). Works directly from your android device.
Feb 16, 2017, niranjan94
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The Android Decompile is a script that combines different tools for successfully decompiling any Android package (APK) to it's Java source-code and resources (including the AndroidManifest.xml, 9-patches, layout files, etc.).
Aug 11, 2016, dirkvranckaert
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The tool for quickly decompile apk/aar/dex/jar.
May 15, 2019, tp7309
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This project makes it easy to convert an installed Android app that was built with the Android SDK into readable source files.
Aug 11, 2016, dwatling
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