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Date and Time Pickers
4478 Stars
material-calendarview is a better looking implementation of android's CalendarView. The goal is to have a more Material look and feel, rather than 100% parity with the platform's implementation.
Feb 13, 2015, prolificinteractive
4228 Stars
Standalone Android widget for picking a single date from a calendar view.
Jul 5, 2014, square
3585 Stars
Pick a date or time on Android in style.
Jun 25, 2016, wdullaer
2933 Stars
Android-Week-View is an android library to display calendars (week view or day view) within the app. It supports custom styling.
Sep 21, 2014, alamkanak
2707 Stars
Android library for better Picker DialogFragments.
Jul 5, 2014, derekbrameyer
2087 Stars
A customizable view that provisions picking of a date, time & recurrence option, all from a single user-interface.
Jun 8, 2015, vikramkakkar
1878 Stars
Library which contains the beautiful DatePicker and TimePicker that can be seen in the new Google Agenda app.
Jul 5, 2014, flavienlaurent
1715 Stars
A simple date picker for android.
May 24, 2015, AigeStudio
1439 Stars
An Android time picker library.
Jun 5, 2016, JZXiang
1371 Stars
Caldroid is a fragment that display calendar with dates in a month. Caldroid can be used as embedded fragment, or as dialog fragment. User can also swipe left/right to navigate to different months.
Jul 5, 2014, roomorama
1296 Stars
An android library which provides a compact calendar view much like the one used in google calenders, following material design.
Apr 15, 2016, SundeepK
1136 Stars
A material Date Range Picker.
Sep 16, 2015, borax12
1079 Stars
CosmoCalendar is a fully customizable calendar with a wide variety of features and displaying modes.
Sep 16, 2017, ApplikeySolutions
997 Stars
BottomSheetPickers is a set of new time pickers for Android that can be used in place of the stock time picker.
Oct 10, 2016, philliphsu
878 Stars
A material horizontal calendar view based on RecyclerView.
Jan 17, 2017, Mulham-Raee
743 Stars
SlideDateTimePicker is an Android library that displays a single DialogFragment in which the user can select a date and a time. The user can swipe between the DatePicker and TimePicker, and the tab underline will gradually animate as the user swipes. The colors of the tab indicator and divider lines are customizable to fit your project's theme.
Feb 9, 2015, jjobes
569 Stars
You can now select a date and a time with only one widget!
Dec 11, 2016, florent37
506 Stars
Its a Date Range Picker View with animation and improved UI.
Jun 24, 2017, savvisingh
374 Stars
Jul 9, 2017, badoualy
278 Stars
OneCalendarView is a custom CalendarView that allows android developers to have the same CalendarView in any android application (for API 16 or higher).
Mar 6, 2017, MorochoRochaDarwin
252 Stars
A calendar picker. Can preset a selected day. Can customize almost all text size, color, bg color, and month title.
Dec 22, 2017, maxyou
246 Stars
SwitchDateTime Picker is a library for select a Date object in dialog with a DatePicker (Calendar) and a TimePicker (Clock) in the same UI.
Oct 13, 2016, Kunzisoft
186 Stars
Customizable Calendar Widget for Android.
Aug 31, 2015, SpongeBobSun
184 Stars
Collapsible CalendarView is a simple calendar view which can be collapsed and expanded to save space.
Mar 11, 2018, shrikanth7698
172 Stars
RobotoCalendarView provides an easy and customizable calendar view with native support for the Roboto fonts, includes the brand new Roboto Slab fonts.
Jul 5, 2014, marcohc
170 Stars
You can use this library to create your calendar, customizing UI and behaviour.
Sep 10, 2017, MOLO17
114 Stars
The old "spinner" style DatePicker for newer Android devices. Allows styling of text and colors.
Oct 14, 2017, drawers
46 Stars
An Android Library to pick dates range, that helps user to select range from future dates.
May 11, 2018, ArchitShah248
43 Stars
Android widget to present calendar in a recycler view. The idea was to replicate calendar the way calendar is presented in the amazing Airbnb app.
Sep 21, 2017, RafalManka
24 Stars
Recurrence picker dialog and view for Android. Several settings that allow you change the appearance and behavior of the view as well as styling attributes that.
Jan 3, 2018, maltaisn
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