A python utility to pull android database files of a particular app from an emulator without having to go through all the regular adb shenanigans every time, features:

  • pulls the .db files from the databases folder to a local directory on your dev computer (you can then analyze this using sqlitebrowser: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/)
  • supports multiple devices
  • supports selective db file pulls
  • tested on a Genymotion emulator


  • python
  • access to adb on the system path
  • assuming adb has native root access to the emulator/device


python dbdump.py app_packagename [destination_dir] [--device devicename] [--db my_dbfile.db]


To pull all the database files from my app (package: com.myorg.myapp) to the current folder

python dbdump.py com.myorg.myapp

To pull a particular db file (my_db_name.db) from my app (package: com.myorg.myapp) on a particular emulator( to the desktop on a mac

python dbdump.py com.myorg.myapp ~/Desktop --device --db my_db_name.db

The device id that needs to be passed in --device can be obtained from adb devices

###Sample output

Copying my_db_name.db --> ~/Desktop

As seen on: Android Arsenal

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