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4720 Stars
A lightweight wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations.
Feb 20, 2015, square
4226 Stars
Database Migrations Made Easy.
Feb 18, 2015, flyway
2085 Stars
An Android helper class to manage database creation and version management using an application's raw asset files.
Jul 5, 2014, jgilfelt
1158 Stars
To solve database upgrade of greenDao and just need one line code.
Dec 16, 2016, yuweiguocn
778 Stars
This is an Android specific distribution of the latest versions of SQLite. It contains the latest SQLite version and the Android specific database APIs derived from AOSP packaged as an AAR library distributed on jcenter.
Apr 4, 2016, requery
238 Stars
Kissme is an open-source library providing encrypted key-value storage. It can be integrated seamlessly in Kotlin projects built with Kotlin Multiplatform, Kotlin/Native, and Kotlin Android plugins.
Jan 12, 2019, netguru
229 Stars
Some common utilities for ContentProvider / ContentResolver / Cursor and other db-related android stuff.
Sep 21, 2014, futuresimple
125 Stars
An Android helper class to manage database creation and version management using an application's raw asset files.
Nov 7, 2017, humazed
123 Stars
A library for reading Shared Preferences and Database values within the application.
Mar 7, 2017, Ansh1234
103 Stars
SQLiteToExcel is a light weight library to convert SQLite database to Excel.
Feb 4, 2017, androidmads
80 Stars
An Android & JVM key-value database powered by Protobuf and Coroutines.
Apr 9, 2019, adrielcafe
71 Stars
NexusData is an object graph and persistence framework for Android. It allows for organizing and managing relational data and serializing it to SQLite or custom stores. The data can be accessed or modified using higher level objects representing entities and their relationships. NexusData manages all the objects in the persistence store, tracks changes, and maintains consistency in relationships.
Jun 7, 2015, dkharrat
68 Stars
This project is aimed at providing a simple API to build SQLite query statements. This library does nothing but build statements; it's not an ORM. The API syntax is inspired from the jOOQ library.
Feb 26, 2016, alexfu
55 Stars
A fast way to store POJO in sqlite on an Android device without troubling yourself with database creation.
May 26, 2015, redwarp
48 Stars
android-schema-utils is an Android library for simplifying database schema and migrations management.
Sep 21, 2014, futuresimple
47 Stars
Make things easy when you need to write a sql statment for Android SQLite.
Nov 2, 2016, jrvansuita
42 Stars
The Spatialite geospatial database ported for Android. 100% offline, portable and self-contained as SQLite.
Dec 11, 2016, sevar83
37 Stars
A simple & fluent Android ORM, how can it be easier? And it's compatible with RxJava2!
May 9, 2017, florent37
34 Stars
SQLite is simple and lightweight; it follows that managing SQLite databases on Android should be as well.
Nov 29, 2016, jasonwyatt
30 Stars
History Provider is a simple library that stores your typed history inside a Database using the concept of Content providers, making the history database available to any application in the phone.
Jan 7, 2017, Ishmeetsingh97
27 Stars
Easy to use media store with AutoCursor in RxJava.
Jul 18, 2015, yongjhih
23 Stars
A small library for sync android SqlLite database to cloud storage.
Mar 27, 2017, claudiodegio
17 Stars
A simple copying external database library for Android.
Aug 3, 2016, emrekose26
16 Stars
This library helps you to export DB to SD card or import from it.
Nov 2, 2018, prabhat1707
16 Stars
A light weight library for exporting and importing sqlite database in android.
Sep 4, 2017, androidmads
14 Stars
This library is design to insert cursor row inside another cursor or insert dummy row inside actual cursor.
Nov 16, 2014, ajaysahani
14 Stars
A python utility to pull android database files of a particular app from an emulator without having to go through all the regular adb shenanigans every time, features:
Sep 11, 2014, sohamtriveous
14 Stars
Android library for getting existing db schema information from sqlite_master table.
Sep 23, 2014, futuresimple
14 Stars
A library for defining the traversable hierarchy of data models.
Sep 23, 2014, chalup
11 Stars
For those who find statements like cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow(COLUMN_NAME)) or cursor.getColumnIndex(COLUMN)==-1 ? value=FALLBACK : value=cursor.getString(COLUMN) a bit too arcane and verbose.
Nov 14, 2017, alt236
11 Stars
The sweetest way into saving and loading SQLite.
Feb 5, 2017, jianastrero
10 Stars
DBTools Gen is a ORM Java class file generator and SQL Schema file generator library. DBTools Gen makes it easy to create databases schema files and create JPA ORM Mapping or Android ORM Mapping files.
Jun 22, 2015, jeffdcamp
9 Stars
This is a sample project which helps anybody who wish to work with GreenDAO library.
Nov 2, 2016, tawaasalage
6 Stars
android-lazyloading-cursor is a lazy loading version of android.database.sqlite.SQLiteCursor
Jul 23, 2014, esmasui

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