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Camera Library for Android

sandrios camera allows developers to integrate image and video capturing without dealing with the complicated camera APIs.

It includes image picker interface inside the cameraview enabling the user to access recent media from inside the camera module.


You can download an aar from GitHub's releases page.

Or use Gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation ''

Or Maven:


If you are planning to include the library as a module, then you will have to upgrade to Android Studio 3.0

How do I use Sandrios Camera?

Please check the sample project included for more examples:

  private static final int CAPTURE_MEDIA = 368;

  // showImagePicker is boolean value: Default is true
  // setAutoRecord() to start recording the video automatically if media action is set to video.
  private void launchCamera() {

        protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, @Nullable Intent data) {
            super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
            if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK
                    && requestCode == SandriosCamera.RESULT_CODE
                    && data != null) {
                if (data.getSerializableExtra(SandriosCamera.MEDIA) instanceof Media) {
                    Media media = (Media) data.getSerializableExtra(SandriosCamera.MEDIA);
                    Log.e("File", "" + media.getPath());
                    Log.e("Type", "" + media.getType());
                    Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Media captured.", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


Depending on your ProGuard (DexGuard) config and usage, you may need to include the following lines in your proguard.cfg

-keep public class com.sandrios.** { *; }

-keep public class** { *; }
-keep public class** { *; }
-keep public class** { *; }

-keep public class * extends {
    public <init>(android.content.Context);


-keep public class * implements com.bumptech.glide.module.GlideModule
-keep public enum com.bumptech.glide.load.resource.bitmap.ImageHeaderParser$** {
  **[] $VALUES;
  public *;

-dontwarn com.yalantis.ucrop**
-keep class com.yalantis.ucrop** { *; }
-keep interface com.yalantis.ucrop** { *; }

-keepattributes *Annotation*
-keepclassmembers class ** {
    @com.squareup.otto.Subscribe public *;
    @com.squareup.otto.Produce public *;

-keep class**
-dontwarn sun.misc.**


  • Migration to AndroidX
  • Flash Mode (Testing Needed)

Comments/bugs/questions/pull requests are always welcome! Please use develop branch for pull requests.


  • Android SDK: Sandrios Camera requires a minimum API level of 14.


You may also find precompiled aar on the releases page.

Getting Help

To report a specific problem or feature request, open a new issue on Github. For questions, suggestions, or anything else --


  • Glide for the Image Loading Framework
  • Dexter for the Permission Management in Android 23+
  • uCrop for the Image Cropping
  • Everyone who has contributed code and reported issues!


sandrios studios - @sandrios on GitHub


MIT. See the LICENSE file for details.

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