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3684 Stars
CameraView aims to help Android developers easily integrate Camera features.
Sep 11, 2016, google
3186 Stars
CameraKit is an extraordinarily easy to use utility to work with the infamous Android Camera and Camera2 APIs.
Mar 2, 2017, wonderkiln
2789 Stars
Camera API in Android is hard. Having 2 different API for new and old Camera does not make things any easier. But this is your lucky day! After several years of working with Camera we came up with Fotoapparat.
Apr 23, 2017, RedApparat
2777 Stars
Sticker-Camera is an Android application which allows to add stickers and tags on the picture.
Jul 23, 2015, Skykai521
2643 Stars
Android's video recording APIs are very difficult to figure out, especially since a lot of manufacturers like to mount their camera sensors upside down or sideways. This library is a result of lots of research and experimentation to get video recording to work universally.
Nov 24, 2015, afollestad
2284 Stars
Record full-resolution video on your Android devices.
Jan 10, 2015, JakeWharton
1934 Stars
A simple easy-to-integrate Camera Fragment for Android.
Jan 17, 2017, florent37
1615 Stars
Realtime camera filters for Android.
Aug 9, 2016, nekocode
1316 Stars
L Camera is an open-source experimental camera app for Android L devices using the new android.hardware.camera2 API.
Nov 5, 2014, PkmX
1167 Stars
CameraView is a well documented, high-level library that makes capturing pictures and videos easy, addressing most of the common issues and needs.
Aug 23, 2017, natario1
1155 Stars
Highly flexible Android Camera which offers granular control over the video quality and file size, while restricting recordings to be landscape only.
Dec 13, 2014, JeroenMols
795 Stars
Open camera project - multi-functional camera application for android.
Jul 18, 2014, almalence
700 Stars
CWAC-Cam2 is an effort to create an in-app ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE workalike, with a bit more configurability. You still integrate by opening up a separate activity, but it is all within your own app, rather than relying upon device- or user-specific third-party camera apps.
Jul 17, 2015, commonsguy
672 Stars
Camera module for Android applications.
Jan 17, 2015, Yalantis
639 Stars
Wrapper around the android Camera class that simplifies its usage.
Jun 10, 2015, Glamdring
573 Stars
Android module that takes a square photo using the native Android Camera APIs. The new Camera2 APIs from the L release is not used.
May 4, 2015, boxme
353 Stars
RxJava style camera API for android, it is based on
Dec 22, 2015, ragnraok
276 Stars
A Magic library to take photos and select pictures in Android. In a simple way and if you need it also save the pictures in device.
May 23, 2016, fabian7593
262 Stars
This project is an Android library to provide an API to access an external USB webcam that supports UVC. The library provides an in-process service (WebcamManager) so that multiple parts of an application can share the same webcam.
Jul 18, 2014, openxc
187 Stars
This library is to take picture using camera from background without displaying preview.
Dec 9, 2016, kevalpatel2106
161 Stars
sandrios camera allows developers to integrate image and video capturing without dealing with the complicated camera APIs.
Dec 27, 2016, sandrios
146 Stars
Android solution to simplify work with different camera apis. Include video and photo capturing features with possibility to select quality for appropriate media action etc.
Dec 11, 2016, memfis19
112 Stars
LiveEdgeDetection is an Android document detection library built on top of openCV. It scans documents from camera live mode and allows you to adjust crop using the selected 4 edges and performs perspective transformation of the cropped image.
Apr 12, 2018, adityaarora1
85 Stars
A camera view to capture long image merged from small captured images as it is in Shoparoo app!
Apr 20, 2017, wajahatkarim3
42 Stars
Android library handling flashlight for camera and camera2 api. Added support for handling display/screen light.
May 29, 2017, nisrulz
41 Stars
The aim of this library is to let you integrate camera features to your app, in case using Intent to launch default Camera cannot fulfill your requirements.
Dec 20, 2017, siralam
38 Stars
A simple Android wrapper for interfacing with the new Camera2 API for video capture.
Oct 2, 2016, WesleyElliott
32 Stars
Tiny library that measures human heart rate using camera and flash light and returns beats per minute as rx stream for you to use.
Jan 13, 2018, kibotu
19 Stars
Keep the button pressed to open camera, release the button to capture the photo.
Apr 7, 2018, safetysystemtechnology
10 Stars
The bare bone pipeline infrastructure required for using google's android vision detectors. Most of the source codes were extracted from Google's android vision sample.
Aug 16, 2017, Credntia
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