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ASimpleCache is a lightweight open source cache framework for android.

1. What can it cache?

  • String
  • JsonObject
  • JsonArray
  • Bitmap, Drawable
  • Serialized java object
  • Serialized java object list
  • Byte data.

2. Features!

  • Configurable, you can configure the cache path, cache size, cache number, and so on.
  • You can set the cache timeout, the cache timeout automatically expires, and is deleted.
  • Support multi-process.

3. How to use?

Add to global gradle

maven {
       url ''

Add to app gradle

compile 'org.afinal.simplecache:a-simple-cache:1.0'

Save Data

ACache mCache = ACache.get(this);
mCache.put("test_key1", "test value");

// Save 10 seconds, if more than 10 seconds to get the key, will be null
mCache.put("test_key2", "test value", 10);

//Save for two days, if more than two days to get the key, will be null
mCache.put("test_key3", "test value", 2 * ACache.TIME_DAY);

Retrieve data

ACache mCache = ACache.get(this);
String value = mCache.getAsString("test_key1");

For more examples see Demo

Change note


  • Add support for Serialized java object list


This libary is forked from yangfuhai/ASimpleCache

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