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What is this?

This is an easy to use disk cache which uses DiskLruCache under the hood. The DiskLruCache is nice, but it has too low level interface for most use cases. Besides the DiskLruCache, it also requires the Apache Commons IO lib (but it should be easy to remove this dependency).

Quick intro

Every cache entry has a value and metadata, the metadata are representad as Map<String, Serializable>. Any string can be used as a cache key.


Open the cache with, appVersion, capacityBytes). This cannot be called twice with the same dir, otherwise RuntimeException will be thrown.


To put a String to the cache, call cache.put(key, string, metadata) or just cache.put(key, string).

To pour the content of an InputStream to the cache, call cache.put(key, inputStream, metadata). Don't forget to close the stream.

To put something else to the cache, call cache.openStream(key, metadata) to get an OutputStream, write something to it and close it. The stream is buffered.


cache.getString(key) returns StringEntry or null. StringEntry contains string and metadata. For bitmaps, use cache.getBitmap(key).

Use cache.getInputStream(key) to get an InputStreamEntry and close it when you're done.


Apache 2.0.

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