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1786 Stars
RxAndroidBle is a powerful painkiller for Android's Bluetooth Low Energy headaches. It is backed by RxJava, implementing complicated APIs as handy reactive observables.
Mar 30, 2016, Polidea
1324 Stars
Bluetooth Serial Port Profile which comfortable to developer application to communication with micro-controller or android device via bluetooth. This library include all important methods for serial port profile on bluetooth communication. It has built-in bluetooth device list.
Jul 14, 2014, akexorcist
741 Stars
This library allows for easy access to a Bluetooth LE device's AdRecord and RSSI value. It offers additional functionality for iBeacons.
Jul 14, 2014, alt236
326 Stars
Android reactive bluetooth library.
Dec 15, 2015, IvBaranov
240 Stars
SmartGattLib is a Java library that simplifies the work with Bluetooth SMART devices (a.k.a. Bluetooth Low Energy in Bluetooth 4.0). It provides all UUIDs of the adopted GATT specification and an convenient way to interpret the characteristics (e.g. Heart Rate, BatteryLevel).
Jul 17, 2014, movisens
152 Stars
Smooth communication via bluetooth with other android devices or microcontrollers such as Arduino.
May 22, 2015, palaima
143 Stars
This library allows you to easily create a socket bluetooth connection for multiple android devices with one server and 7 clients max.
Jun 9, 2015, arissa34
138 Stars
Make Gatt Great Again! This library allows easy and safer usage of BluetoothGatt in Android.
Jan 4, 2018, Beepiz
136 Stars
This app is a simple Bluetooth connection debugging tool:
Jun 12, 2015, janosgyerik
125 Stars
Android library scanning BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons nearby with RxJava.
Sep 30, 2015, pwittchen
125 Stars
This library provides a BaseBluetoothActivity that you inherit from to easily take care of:
Mar 29, 2015, DeveloperPaul123
113 Stars
SmartDeviceLink (SDL) is a standard set of protocols and messages that connect applications on a smartphone to a vehicle head unit. This messaging enables a consumer to interact with their application using common in-vehicle interfaces such as a touch screen display, embedded voice recognition, steering wheel controls and various vehicle knobs and buttons. There are three main components that make up the SDL ecosystem.
Jan 19, 2017, smartdevicelink
109 Stars
A library to make classic bluetooth or BLE easier to use in Android.
Jan 27, 2016, whilu
83 Stars
A Library for easy implementation of Serial Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy on Android.
May 30, 2017, douglasjunior
82 Stars
Blueteeth is a simple, lightweight library intended to take away some of the cruft and tediousness of using the Android BLE API.
Apr 30, 2016, RobotPajamas
61 Stars
A simple Android library for implementing Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) communication.
Mar 7, 2015, MacroYau
52 Stars
android-btxfr is a lightweight library designed to send and receive any type of data between Android (API 15 and higher). It can be used to exchange text, files, photos, videos, sounds, and literally any other type of binary data. The library supports anything that can be put into a byte stream and includes digest checking to ensure data integrity.
Jul 14, 2014, simonguest
49 Stars
This library allows you to easily create a socket bluetooth connection for two android devices with one server and one client. This library is compatible with the Android SDK 2.3 to 4.4.
Jul 14, 2014, arissa34
35 Stars
NeatLE is an Android BTLE (Bluetooth low energy) support library that simplifies management of BTLE connections, subscriptions, devices and operations. It provides a single entry point for all BTLE related operations and helps you:
Apr 9, 2017, inovait
27 Stars
Rx binding for AltBeacon.
May 2, 2017, florent37
27 Stars
Easy to use Android Reacive Bluetooth library for communicating with microcontrollers. Tiny and simple.
Jan 19, 2016, Marchuck
16 Stars
Thin wrapper around the Android Bluetooth LE API.
Sep 2, 2016, tamir7
16 Stars
This project contains sample code for Bluetooth communication.
Jul 14, 2016, tawaasalage
15 Stars
The EasyBluetooth library allows the fast creation of Bluetooth connections between devices.
Sep 10, 2017, NewtronLabs
11 Stars
A set of helper classes for working with Bluetooth devices on Android.
Jun 23, 2015, adennie
10 Stars
This simple demo app supplys some examples about basic controls through smart bulb's protocols. And you can customize your own apps using following protocols.
Jul 2, 2017, skydoves
6 Stars
The Bluetooth Filter library allows for a more fine grained discovery. Developed with purpose-build Android application where they connect to one or two specific Bluetooth devices in mind. The Bluetooth Filter library allows those apps to only provide a minimum list of results to their users rather instead of the usual general list of all devices found.
May 9, 2017, NewtronLabs
5 Stars
Provides a logging wrapper around both BluetoothGattCallback and ScanCallback, in order to figure out what is going on.
May 29, 2018, alt236
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