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TinyDancer is deprecated. No more development will be taking place. Check out the Google Android developer documentation for UI performance testing

Tiny Dancer

A real time frames per second measuring library for Android that also shows a color coded metric. This metric is based on percentage of time spent when you have dropped 2 or more frames. If the application spends more than 5% in this state then the color turns yellow, when you have reached the 20% threshold the indicator turns red.

New Double tap overlay to hide!

“Perf Matters” - Random Guy at Meetup

Tiny Dancer


Tiny Dancer min sdk is API 16

Unfortunately this will not work on Android TV

Getting started

In your build.gradle:

 dependencies {
   debugCompile "com.github.brianPlummer:tinydancer:0.1.2"
   releaseCompile "com.github.brianPlummer:tinydancer-noop:0.1.2"
   testCompile "com.github.brianPlummer:tinydancer-noop:0.1.2"

In your DebugApplication class:

public class DebugApplication extends Application {

  @Override public void onCreate() {

      .redFlagPercentage(.1f) // set red indicator for 10%....different from default

   //you can add a callback to get frame times and the calculated
   //number of dropped frames within that window
       .addFrameDataCallback(new FrameDataCallback() {
          public void doFrame(long previousFrameNS, long currentFrameNS, int droppedFrames) {
             //collect your stats here

You're good to go! Tiny Dancer will show a small draggable view overlay with FPS as well as a color indicator of when FPS drop. You can double tap the overlay to explicitly hide it.

See sample application that simulates excessive bind time:

Tiny Dancer Sample

Have an project with performance issues? We'd be happy to help tune it. mike@friendlyrobot.nyc

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