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Backward Compatibility
4493 Stars
Android library for using the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) animation API on all versions of the platform back to 1.0!
Jul 5, 2014, JakeWharton
2226 Stars
This project brings Holo Theme from Android 4.1 to 2.1 and above (no longer maintained).
Jul 5, 2014, Prototik
1765 Stars
Smooth version of Google Support Design AppBarLayout.
Sep 28, 2015, henrytao-me
510 Stars
A backport of the Switch widget ( that was introduced on Android 4. This port works on Android 2.1+.
Jul 14, 2014, BoD
390 Stars
Unofficial PreferenceFragment compatibility layer for Android 1.6 and up. Includes resources so add this as a library project to your project.
Jul 5, 2014, kolavar
319 Stars
Backport of Java 8 API to Java 6/7 and Android.
Aug 7, 2016, streamsupport
237 Stars
Android-Device-Compatibility just yet another compatibility package for Android. This project aims to make the app compatible with various devices all over the world. The project will take care about lots of issues caused by device differences, so you don't need to write a weird compatibility code on your own.
Jan 13, 2015, mixi-inc
223 Stars
Android CalendarView widget backported to 2.2
Jul 17, 2014, SimonVT
151 Stars
AndroidLifecyle is a 'compatibility' version of the ActivityLifecycleCallbacks APIs that were introduced in Android 4 (API Level 14) and adding similar mechanism for Fragment.
Nov 6, 2014, soarcn
139 Stars
Android library to backport Material design and allow changing colors at run-time.
Apr 5, 2015, negusoft
67 Stars
Account Chooser for Android, backported from JellyBean.
May 25, 2015, frakbot
21 Stars
This project offers a port of MediaRouteActionProvider, and its support classes, to work with native API Level 11+ fragments and the action bar. These were ported from the mediarouter Android library project, where these classes require the appcompat action bar and, hence, the fragment backport.
Dec 15, 2014, commonsguy
21 Stars
notification-channel-compat adds Notification Channels support to pre-Oreo Android devices. You use the same required coding as for the Android 8.0 built-in channel classes, with minimal change, to add channel support for your app, to any Android 4.0+ device. In Android 8.0+ it uses the built-in channel classes, and in pre-Android 8.0, it mimics them. This frees developer of dealing with notification preferences for older devices, and easily allowed multiple preferences for multiple channels.
Jun 30, 2019, lionscribe
10 Stars
Color picker for v7 Preference Support Library.
Jun 11, 2017, u1aryz

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