Task Queue

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An Android task queue library. Support priority, timeout, multiple execution, exclusive task and retry.


repositories {
    maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }
dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.NeoLSN:TaskQueue:1.0.2'


Step 1

Establish a task pool for app.

public class TaskQueueApplication extends Application {

    private TaskPool taskPool;

    @Override public void onCreate() {
        taskPool = new TaskPool(new ExecutorDelivery(new Handler(Looper.getMainLooper())));

    public TaskPool getTaskPool() {
        return taskPool;
Step 2

Add task to pool

TaskQueueApplication app = (TaskQueueApplication) getApplication();
TaskPool taskPool = app.resetTaskPool();
Task<?, ?> task = ... //create you own task



public abstract class Task<I, O> {

    public void cancel();

    // task status
    public boolean isPending();
    public boolean isExecuting();
    public boolean isDone();
    public boolean isCanceled();
    public boolean isTimeout();
    public State getState();

    public Object getTag();
    public void setTag(Object tag);

    public long getTimeout();
    public void setTimeout(long timeout, TimeUnit unit);
    public void resetTimeout();

    public Priority getPriority();
    // Set priority before it is add to pool.
    public void setPriority(Priority priority);
    public int getSequence();

    public RetryPolicy getRetryPolicy();
    public void setRetryPolicy(RetryPolicy retryPolicy);

    // Only one task be executed at one time in the pool if the tasks' key are the same.
    public abstract String getExclusiveKey();
    public abstract void setData(I data);
    public abstract I getData();
    protected abstract void deliverResult(O result);
    protected abstract O onExecute() throws Exception;
    protected void onFinish();


public class TaskPool {

    // Default using - Executors.newCachedThreadPool()
    protected ExecutorService createExecutor();
    public void start();
    public void stop();

    // Return null when pool is stopped.
    public <I, O> Task<I, O> add(Task<I, O> task);
    public int size();

    public List<Task<?, ?>> getTasks(RequestFilter filter);
    public List<Task<?, ?>> getTasks();
    public List<Task<?, ?>> getTasksByTag(final Object tag);
    public List<Task<?, ?>> getTasksByExclusiveKey(final String key);

    public void cancel(RequestFilter filter);
    public void cancelAll();
    public void cancelByTag(final Object tag);
    public void cancelByExclusiveKey(final String key);

    public interface RequestFilter {
        boolean apply(Task<?, ?> task);

    public <I, O> void addTaskListener(TaskPoolListener<I, O> listener);
    public <I, O> void removeTaskListener(TaskPoolListener<I, O> listener);

    public interface TaskPoolListener<I, O> {
        void onAdd(Task<I, O> task, int size);
        void onRemove(Task<I, O> task, int size);


For task pool to deliver the result to specified thread

public interface ResultDelivery {

    public void postResult(Task<?, ?> task, Result<?> result);
    public void postResult(Task<?, ?> task, Result<?> result, Runnable runnable);
    public void postError(Task<?, ?> task, Throwable error);


Do nothing if it needs to retry. Throw an error if it can't retry.

public interface RetryPolicy {

    public void retryOrNot(Throwable error) throws Throwable;

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