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Improved AsyncQueryHandler that handles BulkInsert operation

Note: This is literally a copy paste of the AsyncQueryHandler in Android and then modified that to support Bulk Insert operation. All credits goes to the Android Open Source team for writing the original AsyncQueryHandler.


repositories {
  jcenter() // or mavenCentral()

dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.madrapps:asyncquery:1.0.1'


You would use this the same way as you would use AsyncQueryHandler except you can now use startBulkInsert()

final DatabaseHandler handler = new DatabaseHandler(getContentResolver());
final Uri uri = new Uri.Builder().scheme(SCHEME).authority(AUTHORITY).appendEncodedPath(ORGANIZATION).build();
handler.startBulkInsert(1, null, uri, getContentValues());
public class DatabaseHandler extends AsyncQueryHandler {

    public DatabaseHandler(ContentResolver cr) {

    protected void onBulkInsertComplete(int token, Object cookie, int result) {
        super.onBulkInsertComplete(token, cookie, result);
        Log.d("DatabaseHandler", "Bulk Insert Done");


AsyncQuery by Madrapps is licensed under a Apache License 2.0 by Android Open Source Platform.

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