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#GEM Player (Beta) App Manager: Adrian Vovk (@AnimbusDev)

Android Arsenal License Stable Version WIP Version

GEM Player is a part of the Substance Mobile suite of apps & promises to be nimble, functional, and customizable. It is largely inspired by the music player demoed at Google I/O 2014.

####Contributing If you want to contribute, go ahead! Just keep in mind that:

  • Translations are accepted, but soon we will be switching to a different service so this will not apply.
  • Keep it organised: we would be very grateful of you kept up with the proper syntax (naming variables properly, keeping up with the dev's bracket style, etc.)
  • Your PR might be rejected, but the change may be applied in a different way. If so, the manager will have to point you to the commit(s) of the change.
  • Please test your modifications (if you cannot test it for some reason, please just say so in the PR). Also, please mark the last commit you tested your PR with. We will take care of the rest.
  • If your PR isn't compatible with other PRs, don't worry. The dev will fix it.
  • These may be updated over time, so please keep watch.

####Developing In order to develop for GEM Player, you will have to run some commands and do some things. First off, you will have to do this:

  1. cd into your cloned GEM directory
  2. Find your os:
  • For linux: source
  • For Windows: envsetup
  1. Follow prompts. This will ask you for a keystore file, a key alias, a key password, and a store password.
  2. The script will configure your environment. It will create files where necessary and will edit your PATH (in order for some nice tools to work). Only accept the request to edit the PATH if this is the first Substance app you are developing for
  3. Complete

####Screenshots: GEM Preview

####Links: Explanation of Substance, Substance Site

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