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3212 Stars
A stylish music player.
Sep 18, 2016, ryanhoo
2985 Stars
A pretty Music Player demo created by Anish Chandran and coded by André Mion
Jul 8, 2016, andremion
2817 Stars
Jams is a free, powerful and elegant music player for Android.
Sep 30, 2014, psaravan
1679 Stars
Shuttle is an open source, local music player for Android.
Feb 28, 2017, timusus
1301 Stars
Android Audio encapsulation library, with part Rx support.
Mar 28, 2016, Piasy
1003 Stars
A pretty way to record .WAV audio on Android.
Aug 8, 2016, adrielcafe
926 Stars
TarsosDSP is a Java library for audio processing. Its aim is to provide an easy-to-use interface to practical music processing algorithms implemented, as simply as possible, in pure Java and without any other external dependencies.
Jun 16, 2015, JorenSix
818 Stars
1st Most Fastest, Latest Designed and open source Music player.
Aug 16, 2015, architjn
685 Stars
Shows a graphic representation of the sounds captured by the microphone on Android
Nov 16, 2015, FireZenk
654 Stars
DMPLayer is an Android music player prototype.
Apr 10, 2016, dibakarece
644 Stars
Music is everywhere, now you don’t have to be. Tomahawk, the critically acclaimed multi-source music player, is now available on Android. Given the name of an artist, album or song Tomahawk will find the best available source and play it.
Jul 5, 2014, tomahawk-player
438 Stars
A Simple Pcm / Wav audio recorder with nice api.
Aug 2, 2016, kailash09dabhi
351 Stars
Android Phone Call Recorder
Oct 22, 2016, aykuttasil
280 Stars
A fully open source music player for Android.
Oct 25, 2015, SubstanceMobile
207 Stars
Jockey is a music player for Android based on Google's Material Design standards. The point of Jockey is to be a simple, lightweight media player with features designed for music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Currently Jockey is notably lacking a few enthusiast features like gapless playback, crossfade and replay gain which may be added in the future.
Nov 20, 2016, marverenic
185 Stars
Lightweight audiowave progressbar.
Nov 7, 2016, alxrm
148 Stars
A FFT computation library for Android.
Aug 20, 2017, paramsen
104 Stars
A simple audio player for Android that you can plugin to your apps quickly get audio playback working.
Nov 11, 2016, jeancsanchez
103 Stars
Simple, elegant, beautiful, material design based Android music player.
Sep 10, 2017, RajneeshSingh007
80 Stars
Music Player APP looks and feels like a classic device.
Feb 17, 2017, SpongeBobSun
78 Stars
AudioPlayerView is an Android view that loads audio from an url and have basic playback tools.
Feb 12, 2016, HugoMatilla
75 Stars
Application to record audio and save it locally in the device. The application also visualizes the audio in wave format. It also supports recording in the background while you can continue using the device for other tasks.
Sep 18, 2017, Arjun-sna
58 Stars
Emotion recognition by speech in android.
Aug 9, 2017, alshell7
57 Stars
DMAudioStreamer library helps you to integrate audio streaming in your application.
Oct 30, 2017, dibakarece
55 Stars
Android podcast app with simplified navigation and lightweight interface.
Nov 4, 2015, einmalfel
34 Stars
Alternative for MediaPlayer for music files. Uses ExoPlayer 2 and MediaPlayer for lower APIs.
Nov 24, 2016, mkaflowski
30 Stars
Simple capture and play audio for android.
Aug 21, 2017, safetysystemtechnology
28 Stars
A reactive (Rx) implementation of the AudioRecord API for recording raw (pcm) audio-data. Also includes helper methods for the creation of Wave audio files.
Jul 8, 2016, ahmedrizwan
17 Stars
A playlist file (*.pls) parser library for Android.
Apr 7, 2017, saschpe
11 Stars
A Simple Wav audio recorder dialog.
Mar 2, 2018, IvanSotelo
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