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Parse is a complete technology stack to power your app's backend.
Jul 5, 2014, ParsePlatform
11789 Stars
Liberating Web Analytics
Nov 25, 2014, piwik
397 Stars
Tracklytics is an annotation based analytic tools aggregator with using AOP to track events and crashes. It basically collects all analytic/tracking tools together and provide a simple and clean solution without polluting your code base.
Dec 10, 2015, orhanobut
205 Stars
Inspection the Android HTTP(S) traffic in Chrome Developer Tools.
Dec 13, 2016, misakuo
66 Stars
You have a small team. Setting up crash reporting tools, event tracking tools, and log management services is not what you want to spend your hours doing. You know these are important to the health of your application, but you just want to code.
Jun 12, 2015, percolate
64 Stars
Android library to use Google Analytics through annotations.
Aug 22, 2015, mbiamont
35 Stars
Use multiple analytics and other trackers in your Application easily.
Apr 22, 2017, guitcastro
32 Stars
Analytics framework for Android.
Sep 15, 2016, busybusy
20 Stars
Tiny library for tracking screens and events with google analytics.
May 8, 2016, kibotu
19 Stars
Analytics abstraction layer for Kotlin inspired by Umbrella.
Dec 29, 2017, matteocrippa
19 Stars
A light-weight android library that can be quickly integrated into any app to use analytics tools.
Oct 8, 2018, Winfooz
9 Stars
Ganalytics is tiny api layer for any analytics in application. It provides object oriented, typesafe, stricked and testable way for organize work with analytics through the application.
Aug 26, 2017, programmerr47
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