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Build safely Android app, no more Activity not found, Activity state loss and NPE during fragment transaction!

Pause-safe fragment transaction



Add to gradle dependency of your module build.gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.piasy:safelyandroid:1.2.0'


Start activity safely

Start activity from context, fragment and support v4 fragment, and start activity for result from activity, fragment and support v4 fragment, with or without the optional bundle options. StartActivityDelegate will launch the intent only when its component exist, otherwise, it will return false. Never get activity not found error again!

StartActivityDelegate.startActivitySafely(fragment, intent)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivitySafely(fragment, intent, options)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivityForResultSafely(fragment, intent, requestCode)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivityForResultSafely(fragment, intent, requestCode, options)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivitySafely(context, intent)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivitySafely(context, intent, options)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivityForResultSafely(activity, intent, requestCode)

StartActivityDelegate.startActivityForResultSafely(activity, intent, requestCode, options)

Dismiss dialog fragment safely

Dismiss a dialog fragment or support v4 dialog fragment safely. dialogFragmentDismissDelegate will dismiss this dialog fragment only when it's resumed, otherwise, it will return true and dismiss it when dialogFragmentDismissDelegate.onResumed is called. Never get activity state loss error again!





Do fragment transaction safely

Do fragment or support v4 fragment transaction safely. Components (activity, fragment or support v4 fragment) should implement the TransactionCommitter interface, and the fragment transaction will only be committed when the components is resumed, otherwise it will return true and the transaction will be committed when onResumed is called. Never get activity state loss error again!

fragmentTransactionDelegate.safeCommit(transactionCommitter, transaction)


supportFragmentTransactionDelegate.safeCommit(transactionCommitter, transaction)


Build fragment transaction safely

See FragmentTransactionBuilder and SupportFragmentTransactionBuilder.

Just extends the safely base components

We provide the default safely components, including SafelyActivity, SafelyDialogFragment, SafelyFragment, SafelyAppCompatActivity, SafelySupportDialogFragment, and SafelySupportFragment, which encapsulate safely behaviours above, you can just extends them, and dismiss dialog fragment with safeDismiss(), do fragment transaction with safeCommit(transaction), then you can build safely Android app now!

Create your own base components

If your base components must extends other base components, you can make your base component implement the TransactionCommitter interface, and mimic the behaviours of safely base components provided by us, then you can also build safely Android app now!

Lint check

When using safeCommit, lint will warn "Missing commit() calls", you could disable it.

We provide a custom lint rule, to check the "unsafe dismiss() call" of dialog fragment.


Just adding this dependency in your module's build.gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.piasy:safelyandroid-lint:1.2.0'

The suppress of "Missing commit() calls" and "unsafe commit() call" lint rules may not be added in the long future. :(

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