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ADB Date changer is a small utility app for Android developers that allows to change quickly change date & time on the device.

So forget about writing adb shell 'su 0 date -s 20160530.213000' to set a concrete date on the device. You can just drag the arrows of the clock to the required date with this small app for OS X.

How to install

Well very easy. You just need go to the latest releases and download the latest Then uncompress and drag-and-drop to your OSX Applications folder where all the other apps live. Or just run it from wherever you want.

You may need to allow it in OSX System Settings/Security&Privacy/General as you typically do for all apps that aren't from App Store. ##Requirements

  • Root access. I recommend use Genymotion which by default gives you a rooted emulator.

  • Works for API 1..22. By some reason adb is not allowed to change date on API 23.

  • Automatic time disabled in [SETTINGS].


See it in action



  • If you see the program stuck it may be caused because of the conflict between bundled adb and your machine's adb. If this happens to many users, I will see how to fix it in future release. For now submit a issue/vote and reboot your machine as workaround. (restarting adb server might not always work but you can try)

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