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A script to automatically connect android devices in debug mode using WIFI


Everyday I need to connect to a lot of diferent devices to my computer.
Some devices have Micro-USB ports and others USB Type-C ports and I lose time plugging the devices and waiting for the ADB.
So, I have created this script to auto connect a device using WIFI.

The diference to the other script and plugins: The script save the connections in a configuration file to try reconnect when you boot your computer or when your device lost the wifi connection.


  • Python 3
  • ADB


Using pip you can install adb-wifi

Linux and macOS:

$ sudo pip install adb-wifi


  1. Run $ adb-wifi You can add the adb-wifi to your startup applications.

  2. Connect the devices to your computer and authorized the debub.

Attention: If your device turns off(battery, etc), you need to plug again the device to the computer because the adb need to open the tcpip port!
If your device has rooted you can use this application to turn on the tcpip portand ignore this step.

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Jorge Costa

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