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About adbons

A wrapper for the Android adb tool. It's just adb on steroids.


Currently only some basic features are provided. These features should simplify and shorten the required adb commands.

Example workflow to kill an app when multiple devices are connected:

  • A default device and app id is set in the config. This information is saved in a .adbons.yml file. The file is either stored local (working dir) or global (~/.adbons/).
  • Execute the kill command. With saved values, the app is just killed with adbons kill instead of adb -s <device> shell am force-stop <app id>.


Install adbons with pip for Python 3 (usually pip or pip3):

$ pip3 install adbons

Install from source:

$ git clone
$ cd adbons
$ pip install .


See adbons --help for all currently available commands. The commands provide help pages as well (e.g. adbons config --help).


adbons is a Python 3.5 (and above) command line tool. It's still work in progress. Any suggestions, feature requests, bug reports or pull requests are very much appreciated.

Getting started

A short introduction how to develop for adbons. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


There are some tests for the adbons commands. These tests are executed with python -m unittest. For information who to write unit tests see the Click documentation.


adbons is licensed under the BSD License.

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