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Bash script to simplify adb command usage.

This is a helpful bash utility for working with multiple devices at the same time.

#Command line options' description: no options ==> show connected devices.

option [ -l(logcat) ] arg [ file_suffix ] ==> Runs adb logcat on all connected devices and save output to files (file name: device_name_date_log_tag.log) in ~/adbmaster/logs directory

option [ -i ] arg [ device_index ] ==> Sets device_index for device whose logcat is required.

option [ -c(clear) ] arg [ device_index ] ==> Runs adb pm clear command on device shown at device_index(which is passed as parameter to this option) shown in connected devices. It doesn't work without -p option.

option [ -p(package) ] arg [ package_name ] ==> Sets package_name on which adb pm clear command will be run.

option [ -h(help) ] arg none ==> Shows help for this tool.

note: order of the options is important.

adbmaster -i device_index -l file_suffix ==> logs device at index: device_index.

adbmaster -l file_suffix -i device_index ==> logs all devices.

adbmaster -l file_suffix ==> logs all devices.

adbmaster -p package_name -c device_index ==> executes

adbmaster -c device_index -p package_name ==> fails
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