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Android Online Course For Beginners

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Millions of developers are learning at MindOrks
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A complete guide for learning Android App development

Course Roadmap for Beginner Android Developer
Course Roadmap for Beginner Android Developer
If you have no prior experience in Android development and you want to get started with it and publish your first Android App on PlayStore, then this is for you.
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Course Roadmap for Professional Android Developer
Course Roadmap for Professional Android Developer
If you have some experience in Android development or have developed few Android Applications, and now want to enhance and update yourself with the latest things like Dagger, Kotlin, MVVM Architecture, Architectural Components, Jetpack and many more, then this is for you.
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Course Roadmap for Beginner Android Developer

Programming Languages - Java
  • Why Java? - To get the most out of the Kotlin, it is good to have the basic knowledge of Java.
  • If you know the basics of Java, good to go ahead. Else go here, learn it online and come back.
Installing Android Studio IDE and Getting Started with Android
  • What is Android and How it works?
  • Install Android Studio
Components of Android
  • What is Activity?
  • UI Design - User Interface
  • What is View and how it works?
  • What is an Intent?
  • Activity Lifecycle with Example Use Cases
  • Dialog UI
Shared Preferences
  • Even though you kill the app and reopen it, the data persists as the data can be persisted by using the Shared Preferences.
  • To build the UI showing the list of items, the Android App uses RecyclerView.
  • Apps like WhatsApp use RecyclerView to build chat-screen.
Getting Started with Kotlin
  • Google has officially declared Kotlin as a first-class language for Android. It is important to learn Kotlin now.
  • Kotlin is concise, null-safe and interoperable.
  • Start with the very basics of Kotlin.
  • Convert your Java code into Kotlin using the basic knowledge of Kotlin.
Singleton, Process and Thread
  • Apps like WhatsApp take the advantage of thread to make the app run faster and give you the best user experience.
  • These topics will help you during the interview process too.
Database Implementation
  • WhatsApp uses a database to store your messages, even if you are not connected to the internet, you can see all the messages which you had sent or received.
  • Most of the applications use Database to store data.
Permissions and Image Loading
  • WhatsApp asks you the contact permission.
  • For example, Instagram loads the images in the feed using the Image Loading libraries like Glide.
Work Manager
  • Using WorkManager, NewsApp can fetch the data even when you are sleeping and show you the fresh news when you open the app in the morning even if you are not connected to the Internet at that particular time.
  • Almost all the Android App uses Notification to notify you about any updates.
  • Apps like Instagram, WhatsApp make network calls to fetch data from the server.
  • For getting started with Networking, make the Network call using the Fast-Android-Networking.
ViewPager and Fragment
  • WhatsApp uses ViewPager to let users scroll between chats fragment, status fragment, call fragment.
  • Activity contains Fragments.
Debugging and APK Release
  • Debugging - It is a learning opportunity for developers. It is one of the most important skills of any developer.
  • APK Release - At the end, you release your app on PlayStore and reach your users easily.
  • What is Context?
  • Object Oriented Programming - OOP
  • Class Design and Structure
  • File System, Read, Write, Assets read write
  • ConstraintLayout in Android
  • Canvas API in Android
  • Custom View
Ride-Sharing Uber Lyft Android App
  • Learn about Google Maps, Location, Animation, and build Ride-Sharing App
  • Implement Permissions, fetch current location and show nearby cabs
  • Pickup and drop location Using Places API
  • Book a cab and Driver Pickup path
  • Show Driver current location during pickup, Car Arrival
  • Trip Starts, Show Trip Path, Current location, Trip Ends
  • Implement Take Next Ride
Milestone Beginner
After reaching this milestone, you will be able to easily:

1. Get first internship in Android.

2. Start converting ideas into Android App.

3. Get your first job in Android.

4. Publish your app on Google PlayStore.

Learn By Doing
Learn all the above topics in our Android Development Online Course for Beginners by building the following two apps:

1. TodoNotesApp

Screenshot Todo Notes App 1Screenshot Todo Notes App 2

2. Ride-Sharing Uber Android App

Screenshot Uber 1Screenshot Uber 2
Android Development Online Course For Beginners

Course Roadmap for Professional Android Developer

  • When projects become bigger, you will need to know about Dependency Management and use Dagger in your project to manage dependencies.
  • Companies like Google use Dagger in their Android Applications.
  • Learn to design your own dependency management framework.
Learn Kotlin
  • Revisit the basics of Kotlin.
  • Start learning the Kotlin language specific features.
  • Learn Kotlin advanced features.
  • Nowadays, the new projects at most of the companies are getting started with Kotlin. Also, the older Java projects are getting migrated into the Kotlin.
  • This is the high time to Learn Kotlin.
Architectural Components
  • Architecture components like LiveData, LifeCycle, ViewModel help in managing our UI component lifecycle and handling data persistence.
  • Challenges of lifecycle handling, Activity rotation problem
  • Learn to create a Lifecycle Aware Component
  • Sharing a ViewModel
  • RxJava has become the single most important skill for Android development.
  • Almost every app uses RxJava to do multithreading.
  • RxJava makes developer’s life easy.
  • How does threading work in Android?
  • Also asked in most of the Interview.
  • Learn with practical examples.
Database Design
  • Apps like WhatsApp use databases to store your data at Android end and design the database to make the query faster so that your app runs faster.
  • Nowadays, we use Room which is the library created by Google. Room provides an abstraction layer over SQLite to allow fluent database access while harnessing the full power of SQLite.
  • Learn about the Relational database concepts
  • Normalization and many-to-many relationships
  • Learn about the TypeConvertors, Migration in Room Database.
  • Android Apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook uses Networking libraries like Retrofit to fetch the data.
  • Nowadays, Retrofit is one of the prominent libraries to make Network calls.
  • Learn to create GET, POST request and handle complex data Model
  • There are many concepts associated with the networking which you must know such as multipart for uploading images, interceptors.
MVVM and Instagram project
  • Learn to build Instagram like Login, Feed, Post Creation and Profile page using the MVVM Architecture with Architecture components, LiveData, ViewModel, ViewModelFactory, Dagger, Retrofit, RxJava.
  • Learn about MVC, MVP, and MVVM architecture.
  • How does the ViewModel, ViewModelProviders, ViewModelProviderFactory work?
  • Build Features like Capture image through Camera, Pick image through Gallery
  • Image Upload using Multipart.
  • Principles of lifecycle aware RecyclerView
  • Implementation of Lifecycle Aware RecyclerView ViewHolder: Generally developers miss this. Good developers consider all the edge-cases while developing Android Application.
  • Implement Pagination feature using RxJava
Unit Testing
  • Testing is a software development process in which we do so many different things to find bugs. Less the number of bugs, the more the chances of performing well in production for that particular software.
  • It forces you to follow architecture in the codebase, helps in fast failure detection in the development cycle and helps you in safer code refactoring, letting you optimize code without worrying about regressions.
Kotlin Coroutines
  • What exactly are Coroutines?
  • Need for the solution which Kotlin Coroutines provide
  • Dispatchers, suspend, launch, async
  • What are scopes in Kotlin Coroutines?
  • Exception handling in Kotlin Coroutines
Android Build System and Memory Management
  • Knowing about the Android Build system, Memory Management is very important for Android Developers.
  • It will help you in building the Android apps which will consume less memory
  • Also in cracking the Interviews of top companies.
Android Multithreading and Handler-Looper
  • Knowing about the Multithreading will help you in doing tasks in the background efficiently.
  • Android Looper, Handler, and HandlerThread are among the building blocks of Android OS. So this is one of the most asked topics during the interview.
  • Multithreading and Handler-Looper are important for interviews.
Networking Caching Interceptor Image Loading
  • Knowing the internals of a 3rd party library is important to get the most out of it.
  • Also these concepts will give you the upper hands over other candidates when it comes to interviews.
System Design(Mobile): WhatsApp and Location Sharing App
  • We generally miss few edge-cases during development. Learn to design WhatsApp considering the edge-cases.
  • Useful during the design round in the interview.
Milestone Professional
After reaching this milestone, you will be able to easily:

1. Identify yourself in the top 5% of Android Developers.

2. Crack interviews of top companies.

3. Build Android App with robust architecture.

4. Land jobs at top tech companies.

Learn By Doing
Learn all the above topics in our Android Development Online Course for Professionals by building the following screens of our Instagram and News Apps:
Screenshot Instagram 1Screenshot Instagram 2Screenshot Instagram 3Screenshot NewsApp 1
Android Development Online Course For Professionals

MindOrks Android Online Course Reviews

Saket MayankQuote Icon
Saket Mayank
Android Course for Professional
Now I am working as an Android Engineer at Gojek Tech. Mindorks Android Course for Professionals had been a life changing experience for me. It helped me in learning new topics like (Dagger2, Rxjava, architectural components etc) and above all it made me a more confident android developer than before. I would like to thank the mentors(Amit Sir and Ali Sir) all my mindorks batch mates for their constant support. I feel privileged to say that it is because of this course I got a 6x jump in salary although I had only 1.5 year of experience (Yeahhhh it’s a dream come true for me but still I feel that learning never stops and I wish Mindorks for a great future ahead)
Jose Maria Payá CastilloQuote Icon
Jose Maria Payá Castillo
Android Course for Professional
Learned MVVM architecture, RxJava and Unit Tests. The course improved my knowledge on Android.
Dheeraj AndraQuote Icon
Dheeraj Andra
Android Course for Professional
Great process, explanation, schedule, project, quality learning. Impact on my learning with a broader knowledge of Android Development.
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