Our Vision

The 21st century is an era of machines and machines understand through the computer programs we write. So, a human can only progress if he learns to command these machines efficiently. Thus, each individual should know programming for the betterment of his and other's life. Coding will become as elementary as learning a human language in near future. Mindorks makes the process of learning to code very structured, easy and fun for everyone who desires.

When the best brains and highly motivated individuals come together to build something then that something defines the future and the humanity. Many talents don't get this stage due to several factors and lack of right channel is one of the major factors. Mindorks will connect all those people to come on the same platform with the necessary skills to build the next disruptive technology.

The millennials today face a very difficult situation. The jobs are not satisfying due to repetitiveness or are not according to their skill sets. The sense of achievement is hard to realize in such environments. To break this dismal situation, Mindorks will provide a platform where learners will bond for life. They will work together for something that really motivates them. The regular meetups and encouragement will raise the enthusiasm of each one of the community. We will live with a sense of accomplishment and make our lives meaningful.

Our Mission

Job Focused Training

Mindorks courses and projects cover the most basic to most advance aspects of the Android development. The best and current trends in Android are chosen for the skill enhancements. The learning process makes a learner job ready for the top companies in the world. The live projects and teamwork simulate the top working environment. The projects that the learners' work on, goes into production or are open sourced and thus help in building their portfolios. The job interview training and certifications provided by Mindorks are recognized in the industry as of highest standards.

Community Driven Learning

It's hard to learn and to some point useless if someone learns and keep the knowledge to self. More we discuss and share better we grow. As a learned community, we have the responsibility to pass the knowledge to anyone who craves for it. The learning at Mindorks is inspired by the above philosophies. So, we host regular meets for discussions, workshops for hand-on experience with latest trends and developments. We bring the best in the field to share their experience and knowledge with the community. So, being in this community will always keep you updated on the current and coming technologies.

Recognition and Happiness

We have experienced that most of the jobs in any field tend to become repetitive over a period of time leading to unhappiness due to lack of motivation to do something you have already excelled at. To solve this problem we have designed the Mindorks community to support each member with new opportunities or some exciting open source projects. The works and the projects of the community are of highest quality and the contribution of each member is highly recognized. Above all the work satisfaction is unparallel. Each member is connected with a sacred bond of knowledge and sharing.

Learning Process

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    Course Structure

    The courses are designed in aligned with the existing knowledge of the learner. These courses are prepared with the help and discussions with the best android developers out there across the world. It's a stepwise learning process, where each step teaches the skills in a chronological order. The major challenge where the learner goes into the dilemma of right approach, is solved very efficiently. We keep the learning enthusiasm to the top so that it remains sustainable.

  • design

    Project Centric Approach

    The knowledge and the skills are developed through project-centric approach. We understand that the best learning and memorization is possible when it is practiced and discussed. Each learner after completing the basic courses are assigned a team, which works on live projects under the guidance of mentors. This develops the teamwork skills and also adds to the portfolio of the learner.

  • development

    Job Interviews

    The essentials of the job interview process carried out by the best companies around the globe are taught to the successful learners. We arrange the job interviews and necessary connections in the industry for these learners. The certifications and the skills imparted by Mindorks make the learner, stand out in the world.

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    Life Long Journey

    The learners from Mindorks are connected with a bond of education and trust. We help each other grow and learn new skills. When the current job becomes menial and repetitive, we get a better opportunity through the Mindorks community. We meet, discuss and build the new breakthroughs in the technology. We are among the happiest people in the world.

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