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We build Android App and Server

App Wireframe

We create wireframes to help visualize your mobile app.

Android App

We build the most awesome Android app for your idea.

App Server

We create and run servers for your mobile app. We design the backend and write APIs for you.

Projects Led By Team Members

We have provided open source libraries and projects for the Android community and they love us for it. Our blogs are read by thousands of developers worldwide, knowledge is what we apsire and spread. We have developed more than 10 apps on Play Store, being used by millions of users.

Android Networking

Fast Networking Library

Android Debug Database

Data Preview Library


Complete Android View Solution


Java Class Communication Library

Bobble App

Stickers and Keyboard


Logistic Client App

Project Life Cycle

The projects we take goes through well defined stages.

  • Stage 1


    We work with you to provide a visual sense to your product, if you don't already have one. By assessing the requirements we quote a price and break the payment in parts. With your concent we move to the next stage.

  • Stage 2


    The requirements and the wireframes are translated into UI/UX. Android project and Server setup is done in this stage. We host the project on a git client ex. GitHub and the development progress is made available through Asana. We maintain the world class coding standards. Code is verbose and any development on top of it is guaranteed to be super easy.

  • Stage 3


    We write test cases and work with CI. Every build is tested for progressive development. We put the app to test on all different types of real devices and rigorously run all the test cases before we make the app available for you to test.

  • Stage 4


    We deploy the backend to the live server and connect the app with it. After the testing and the green flag from your side, we put the app on the Google Play Store.

  • You achieve
    with ous!

Our Amazing Team

We eat, sleep, create and repeat.

Amit Shekhar


Janishar Ali


Knowledge comes from experience and hard work.

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